Yayasan Hasanah To Boost Creative Sector With RM1.4 Million ArtsFAS Grants


Yayasan Hasanah has announced their plans to give grants totalling RM 1.4 million to 21 arts, culture and heritage organisations through its Arts for All Seasons (ArtsFAS) initiative in support of revitalising the creative economy.

31 performances, theatrical productions, workshops, academic forums, exhibitions, webinars, ensemble performances, critical discussions and other events will be orchestrated in Kuala Lumpur, Sabah, Penang, Melaka and Langkawi, between October and December, promising to be a treat for the senses, for all layers of society.

Hands Percussion and Sutra Foundation are amongst ArtsFAS’ flagship initiatives, while The Actors Studio’s “Hikayat Si Miskin Menjadi Raja”, a Bangsawan by Rahman B, will be one of the special performances under the ArtsFAS programme line-up.

(Jhinjoti Pallavi by Sutra dancers, Triple Frontiers 2021 / S Magendran)

(Tryambakam by Sutra dancers, Triple Frontiers 2021 / S Magendran)

“The arts should not stop even if there’s a pandemic. We want to invite as many Malaysians to support and appreciate our arts and cultural heritage, and at the same time support our artist community, our cultural frontliners, through ArtsFAS,” said Dato’ Shahira Ahmed Bazari, Managing Director of Yayasan Hasanah.

According to Shahira, ArtsFAS will include community and provincial art forms aimed at preserving traditional creative expressions. “This is an avenue to honour a variety of modern and traditional art, heritage and culture,” she said, adding that, “through technology, knowledge exchange and events, we can promote better awareness and education about the different forms of art in Malaysia – especially to inspire the younger generation.” There will also be intellectual discourse and academic webinars about the creative and cultural faculty.

“We are delighted to be able to collaborate to assist local artists and art practitioners to continue their projects post-pandemic. We hope that the creative industry will continue to receive participation, training and other forms of grant support under the 12th Malaysia Plan, as this sector plays a crucial role in our road to recovery,” said Shahira. She added that Yayasan Hasanah will be working closely with several partners during this period, to revitalise the creative sector.

(2017 HANDS 20th Anniversary Concert, Wind of Nomads at Lambang Sari, Istana Budaya)

(2019 Armour and Skin 2019, Georgetown Festival)


Earlier this year, Yayasan Hasanah announced that it would be supporting outstanding talents to receive a one-off project funding of up to RM250,000 through ArtsFAS which received 129 proposals. The grant allows artisans to mobilise their projects, whilst providing additional avenues to display their creative talent and body of work through online premieres and interactive live streams as well as on-site sessions.

ArtsFAS will be launching a new web portal, bridging the 21 showrunners and the general public to increase patronage of these performances. The schedule for performances, exhibitions, forums and showcases will be published online.

“Since last year, we have been raring to perform again. So we are incredibly thankful for this initiative by Yayasan Hasanah through ArtsFAS to provide a platform for us to take our show forward for Malaysians to enjoy. Our work encompasses local culture and fosters collaboration among our multiracial artists and musicians to form a collective sound – and this is what being a united Malaysia is about,” expressed Bernard Goh, founder of Hands Percussion, a renowned Malaysian percussion ensemble.

(The Actors Studio / KLPAC)


Arts for All Seasons (ArtsFAS) is a platform organised by Yayasan Hasanah, to showcase Malaysia’s preserved and conserved arts, heritage, and culture through accessible public events – connecting our heritage to generations of tomorrow. Come join us to honour the diverse, cultural wonders of our country. Together, we can pave the future of culture.

Yayasan Hasanah (“Hasanah”) is an impact-based foundation of Khazanah Nasional Berhad (“Khazanah”), the sovereign wealth fund of Malaysia. As a grant-giving organisation, Hasanah hopes to shift the needle of social and community reform for Malaysians, towards a better Malaysia.


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