UNIIQ Celebrates The Extraordinary U With Newly-Launched ‘This Is Me’ Campaign


Malaysian beverage manufacturing company NOOS Group is aiming to raise awareness of Self Love & Self Uniqueness through ‘This is Me’ campaign in conjunction with their newly launched brand UNIIQ, a prebiotic kombucha beverage which is also known as Elixir of Life, this December.

The campaign aims to collect people’s stories, personal quotes that relate to each oneself’s uniqueness & UNIIQ will take part in sharing the collected stories & quotes to the public through printed neck tags attached on UNIIQ kombucha bottles, and distribute to nationwide in order to spread positive vibes to the society.

Through the campaign theme, ‘This is Me’, the group wishes to send little reminders to the society that despite the tough times which lead to demotivation or self-doubt, take a moment to embrace your unique self as Ü (you) are the one who would always be on your back through thick and thin.

NOOS Group urges Malaysians to share their personal stories, beliefs or self-love quotes through the campaign, and spread positivity to the society while cultivating a healthy living, both physically and mentally.

“We always hold our beliefs that developing a product with a good cause for people is way more important than just supplying products to them. Malaysian youth no longer conceive messages in conventional ways, they are more receptive through interactive engagement and storytelling, especially when it comes to healthy living, a topic that is less likely to be perceived by the group. Nonetheless, from importing machinery, setting up Malaysia’s first and largest manufacturing center for kombucha brewing, countless days and nights in researching and developing flavors to suit local taste buds, we have planned these since 2020 and are determined to make no compromise on quality assurance for people,” said by Soon, the founder of NOOS Group.

More than 2,000 stories that are shared by Malaysians will be attached on each UNIIQ kombucha bottle and circulated in the market nationwide. UNIIQ kombucha is more than a healthy beverage but a comforting companion in our daily life that gives positivity behind every sip and encourages us to embrace the goodness that defines every one of us.

UNIIQ has launched the kombucha with 4 flavours – Classic (original black tea), Rose, Passion Fruit and Calamansi, now available online and soon will be available at selected AEON supermarkets in Klang Valley, Malacca and Johor Bahru.

(Personalised stories & self-love quotes printed on UNIIQ kombucha series & circulated in the market)

(UNIIQ Kombucha series with 4 flavors from top left: Calamansi, Classic, Passion Fruit, Rose)

Some of the ways to participate ‘This is Me’ Campaign:

Firstly, prepare your story or quote that is in line with the theme of This is Me, it can be your real story, your inspired quote, your sweet words that you wish to cheer up the society, with no more than 100 characters (including symbols and spacing). You may submit one or as many as you can.

Next, you may choose your preferred way for the submission from below:
For online, you may log on to www.uniiqkombucha.com, click This is Me campaign and submit your prepared stories or quotes. Otherwise, you may also visit UNIIQ Facebook & Instagram at @UNIIQKombucha, click the link featured on the pinned post, and submit.

Or, visit your nearest supermarket to scan the QR code found on a bottle of UNIIQ kombucha and submit your story.

For more information about the UNIIQ ‘This is Me’ Campaign, you may visit www.uniiqkombucha.com, or their Facebook and Instagram at @UNIIQKombucha.



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