Motivated by her passion in physiotherapy, Shariza Mohd Anif established her own physiotherapy centre after her graduation. Years later, she is the founder of her own orthopaedic clinic, Klinik Orthopedik Dinamik. In an interview with Top 10 of Malaysia, the dedicated and hardworking founder shares on the rarity of orthopaedic clinics and how her clinic is providing the best services to patients on a daily basis.         


Shariza Mohd Anif, founder of Klinik Orthopedik Dinamik has been working in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation field for the past 21 years. “Since 2017, we have established our own orthopaedic clinic,” says Shariza who studied in Universiti Teknologi MARA. 


After graduation, I decided to set up a small physiotherapy centre,” says Shariza. Years later, Shariza established Klinik Orthopedik Dinamik. “Our orthopaedic clinic opens daily, even during public holidays,” says Shariza excitedly. “When a patient wants to book an appointment with an orthopedician, he or she would usually have to go to a hospital as orthopaedic clinics are rare in Malaysia.”


The clinic’s operating hours are from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. “Nine of our doctors are on call daily so we welcome patients even after our working hours,” says Shariza. “We are busiest during the weekends as we have patients coming from all over Malaysia.”

Klinik Orthopedik Dinamik
“Treat your patients well because they paid handsomely for your services. Your patients’ well-being should be your utmost priority.”


“We cure bones or muscle problems that our clients are suffering from. For instance, if a patient has pain on the knee, we will send the patient for an x-ray examination,” shares Shariza. “The diagnosis result would be known on the same day and when the doctor reviews the x-rays, they would formulate a solution to cure the knee problem. Meanwhile, if the patient needs to undergo a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique, we will arrange an appointment for the patient at a hospital immediately.”


“We have dreams to establish a few bigger clinics and maybe a small hospital with our own MRI machines and x-ray machines after the pandemic,” says Shariza. 


Shariza advises youngsters who are interested in pursuing a career in orthopaedics to further their studies before establishing a business. “You would need to have in-depth medical knowledge. The learning process is never-ending as there are new technology, medication and new machines produced daily. Treat your patients well because they paid handsomely for your services. Your patients’ well-being should be your utmost priority.” 


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