Top 10 Unsung Heroes during Covid-19 Crisis


Firstly, doctors and nurses. These front-liners deserves all the credits as they work round the clock to ensure that all patients are treated accordingly while being at risk of getting infected. Secondly, pharmacy workers play an equally important role where they ensure that there is a supply of medicines available for emergencies. Besides, praises should also be given to food outlet operators who continue to cook for their customers and ensuring that they do not go hungry, catering especially to customers who do not know how to cook. Subsequently, this leads to the need for food delivery riders such as GrabFood and Foodpanda to execute their work to keep the public fed.

Also, grocery store workers play a vital role as they keep their shops running and shelves stocked while cashiers work to attend to crowds buying household supplies during the crisis. Likewise, cleaners and sanitation workers who went above and beyond to sanitise public areas while wearing personal protective equipment to ensure that the public health is well taken care of.

Moreover, pilots and flight attendants who are often sideline should be given credit as many are sent to bring home stranded Malaysian overseas, thus exposing themselves to Covid-19 infection. Similarly, couriers who work tirelessly to ensure that the public received their orders of grocery items, personal care and household products. Lastly, the police deserve as much praise as they are responsible in keeping public safety in order while working tireless round-the-clock to maintain the social order of the public and ensuring that the public obeys instructions given by the government.

To all other essential workers working behind the scenes; banking, telecommunications, electricity, media, the waste collectors, e-hailing drivers, all the personnel in the public and private sectors, thank you for serving the nation as the backbones in the essential services.


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