Top 10 Stylish Celebrity Moms in Malaysia



Aishah Sinclair

Actress, host and MIX FM Breakfast Show host Aishah Sinclair took her current gig, among other reasons, to be able to spend more quality time with her two daughters, Soraya (6) and Aina (2). Despite having to be at the radio station at 5.30am for work every weekday, Aishah has been intentional in being the best mom that she could be, which includes keeping herself in shape by joining running events frequently, as well as limiting her other hosting and acting commitments, so that she can spend quality time with her girls and husband.

Marion Caunter
IMG_9550One of the most recognisable faces on Asian TV, Penang-native Marion Caunter has racked up some impressive experience, such as hosting The Biggest Loser Asia Season 2 and E! News Asia. However, despite her busy schedule as a host, VJ and brand ambassador, Marion (or better known as Mare) showers enough love and affection towards her two girls, Leia and Lana, as well as their baby brother (born August 2015) by bringing them along to events and overseas trips. She also frequently highlights her adventures with her kids (and hubby) on her Instagram profile, @marion_caunter.

Scha Alyahya

New mom Scha Alyahya is so fond of her little girl that she created a baby clothing line in her name – Rara Baby by Lara. The actress and former beauty queen, who rose to fame as the lead character of TV series Awan Dania, fusses over two-year-old Lara Alana by taking the reins to care for her with hubby, actor Awal Ashaari, themselves without domestic help. As such, she is very sensitive to her girl’s needs – she’s fussy over Lara’s skincare products and gives her lots of hugs and cuddles.

Amber Chia
Photo Mar 22, 3 37 40 PMProlific Malaysian supermodel and brand ambassador Amber Chia has a long-term approach to motherhood – she trains her son, Ashton, to be independent as young as age two. However, this doting mom loves him no less by intentionally spending quality time with him, rushing back from work appointments to attend his school performances, and being the best friend that he can trust. Beyond her own family, Amber is also passionate about helping other mums in society by sponsoring children of single moms for professional modelling courses in her own modelling school, Amber Chia Academy.

Daphne Ikingc45d80_2afa76cd99eb41cc9d3ec8473f87588eDespite having gone through a messy divorce in the past, host and actress Daphne Iking is currently blessed with three lovely children – Isobel, Iman and Isidore Daniel. Daphne, who currently works from home to spend quality time with her kids, plans fun activities such as gardening, music lessons, and manicures which she uses to bond with them. Daphne’s girls have very distinct personalities – elder sister Isobel is more independent while little sister Iman is the ‘manja’ one. As for baby Isidore, who was just born in March 2016… we’ll have to wait until he grows a little older to find out!

Sazzy Falak
IMG_9154Imagine the surprise actress and entrepreneur Sazzy Falak had when she had not one child, but twins, for her first pregnancy! Despite that, Sazzy has been doting on her girls since they were little – she personally cooks for them and changes their diapers (something rare for celebrity moms with their packed schedules). Now active toddlers, Imaan and Tiara still get lots of TLC from Mom, who has created her own fashion line and also recently became the host of How Do I Look? Asia, among other achievements. Now this is one lady you can call ‘Supermom’!

Belinda Chee

Spending time with Mom in the morning might be rare for any kid of a working mom, but six-year-old Danielle is lucky that way – her mom, Belinda Chee, intentionally schedules work for afternoons so that they could spend quality time early in the day. An all-rounder in Malaysia’s entertainment industry, Belinda enjoys singing, dancing and taking walks together with her daughter, and she chronicles (in detail) Danielle’s growth in her blog, The mother and daughter have also tackled professional ventures together – they’re both the brand ambassadors of Fisher-Price Malaysia and Friso Gold Milk Formula.

Diana Danielle

As a mom, actress Diana Danielle has cut down on screen-time appointments and takes leave on weekends to spend quality time with her two children, three-year-old Muhammad Kamil and newborn Nur Aurora. Putting family first is a family affair for Diana – she and husband, actor Farid Kamil, arrange their schedules in such a way that one of them is always with their children. Besides that, she has also appointed her brother-in-law, Fadzil Zahari, as her career manager, so that someone who also loves her family can help her prioritise family time at work.

Nora Danish

Known best for her leading role in the TV series, Puteri, single mom Nora Danish has not had an easy life – having gone through two divorces, she has to deal with harsh gossip targeting her love life and her status as a single mother. Despite that, she resiliently raises her son, Putra Rayqal, and makes sure that he has a stable childhood by letting him visit his dad and play with his half-siblings, keeping the peace with them. Career-wise, Nora has expanded beyond her successful acting career to fashion design, and even owns her own café!

Lisa Surihani

New mom Lisa Surihani is very particular about her daughter’s safety and privacy – she and her husband, Yusry KRU, have prohibited media from taking pictures of little Yahaira Leanne for the first few months of her life. A renowned media personality, she had to deal with leaked pictures and angry protest from over-eager fans over her decision. Motherhood has also changed the roles that the actress accepts on TV – Lisa only picks roles that she feels show a good example to her daughter, and has scaled back screen time to spend quality time with her.


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