The rise of cloud computing has revolutionised the way businesses operate in Malaysia, offering a flexible and more efficient solution for data storage and management. As more and more companies are turning to cloud services to meet their IT needs, there is also a rise of cloud service providers in the market. In this issue, Top 10 of Malaysia shares its random list of the top 10 most successful cloud service providers in Malaysia. These companies offer a range of cloud solutions that are secure and are designed to help businesses of all sizes optimise their operations. These cloud service providers have a proven track record of delivering exceptional services and innovative solutions to numerous clients and their contribution to the development of the cloud computing industry in Malaysia cannot be overstated. These companies have also built a strong reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction. 

Gooi Chin Hooi


Led by Gooi Chin Hooi, Xenber Sdn Bhd is an award-winning company that offers full-fledged services for software development and technology engineering empowering effective near-shore management to its clients since 2016. The company provides IT consultancy, software design and development as well as professional services, hardware deployment and maintenance for the  government, financial services (insurance, banking), telecommunications, energy and utilities, health care, education and private sectors. Since 2022, Xenber has been focusing on data analytics, artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) and cloud digitalisation solution. Xenber’s top notch Cloud solution is designed for Cloud web hosting that provides more flexibility for users compared to single-server hosting. 

Chan Kee Siak – Exabytes CEO

Exabytes Group

Exabytes Group is Southeast Asia’s all-in-one business, cloud, digital and ecommerce solutions provider. With over 160,000 clients from individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, to government and public listed companies in 121 countries, Exabytes is a leader in the industry. Exabytes has received several awards for its services and it aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises grow their businesses online, achieve a wider digital presence and increase their sales revenue. As an all-in-one digital solutions provider, Exabytes provides a range of services such as cloud hosting, shared hosting, email hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, domain name registration, digital marketing, Cloudflare and Sucuri. Exabytes is led by Chan Kee Siak, its founder and CEO, and has offices in Singapore and Indonesia.

RapidCloud Malaysia

RapidCloud Malaysia is considered as one of Southeast Asia’s premier enterprise cloud computing solutions providers that provide cloud computing solutions. The company has served over 46,000 clients, including small and medium enterprises, large scale enterprises and government institutions. The company provides innovative services that cover the full spectrum of cloud computing solutions, such as SalesMAP, Document Management, Enterprise Content Management, Big Data Search Engine, API Gateway Middleware & Connectors, e-Commerce & Portals, digital marketing and IoT. RapidCloud has won numerous awards in recognition of its outstanding contributions to the field of cloud computing. With offices in Indonesia and Singapore, RapidCloud is a trusted partner for businesses looking for reliable cloud computing solutions in Southeast Asia.

PointStar Malaysia

PointStar Malaysia is a prominent cloud transformation company in Malaysia that delivers exceptional solutions to businesses. The company provides state-of-the-art cloud services such as email and collaboration, video conferencing, AI chatbot, and machine learning. It offers a wide range of products that include Google Cloud Platform, Google Workspace, Google Workspace for Education, Google Maps Platform, Oracle NetSuite, Cisco Meraki, AppSheet, Apigee, HelloSign and Logitech. PointStar has transformed over 3,000 business organisations globally with their industry-leading cloud services from technology giants such as Google Cloud, Oracle NetSuite, and Cisco. The company has a workforce of 250 employees spread across seven offices in three countries. Led by the CEO, Justin Lee, PointStar’s success is attributed to its ability to provide customised cloud solutions that cater to the specific needs of its clients, enabling them to thrive in today’s competitive business landscape.

Enfrasys Consulting

Enfrasys Consulting, a highly acclaimed consulting firm, offers exceptional cloud solutions and IT services including data centre management, IoT and machine learning under the leadership of CEO, Beh Chor How. As a distinguished technology provider, Enfrasys is renowned for delivering outstanding Microsoft Cloud solutions. As a Cloud System Integrator, the company specialises in Microsoft Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud infrastructure solutions, providing an array of services such as public IaaS, private virtualisation, fabric management, self-service portal and back-end automation. Enfrasys also caters to its clients’ requirements in enterprise private cloud, service provider, multi-tenant and corporate hybrid scenarios. Enfrasys has established a strong reputation in the industry for its unmatched services and expertise in cloud solutions and IT services. The company’s dedication to delivering top-notch services has earned it numerous awards, making it a leading player in the market.

AwanBiru Technology

AwanBiru Technology is one of the leading providers of cloud-based solutions.  Its services combine industry-specific solutions, data transformation and automation with cloud-based technology to provide comprehensive solutions for its clients. The company offers a range of services, including Cloud Strategy and Consulting, Cloud-Native Development, Cloud Operations, Cloud Security and Cloud Analytics. AwanBiru has trained and certified over 280,000 individuals in the technology industry. It has also won numerous awards for its excellence in the field. AwanBiru is also recognised as Malaysia’s largest ICT software and training services provider in the public sector and is listed in Bursa Malaysia. In order to provide the best solutions for its clients, AwanBiru Technology partners with companies such as Google Cloud, Zoom and CompTIA. These partnerships enable them to leverage the latest technology and provide cutting-edge solutions that meet the specific needs of its clients.


MatrixC is one of Malaysia’s renowned cloud computing solutions provider that has been offering top-notch services to businesses since its inception. Founded by Sean Tay, the company has gained a solid reputation in the market for providing innovative and efficient cloud solutions to businesses of all sizes. MatrixC is a Google Workspace service partner and has successfully completed over 1,000 projects and currently boasts of more than 7 million active users and over 400 active customers. The company is also a Google Premier Partner with a primary objective to help businesses increase their capabilities, revenue and cost savings by adopting and migrating to cloud IT platforms, which are offered on a pay-per-use or subscription model.


  1. AsiaPacific is an award-winning and one of the leading providers of professional cloud computing services in the Asia Pacific region. The company was established in 2008 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of K-One Technology Berhad, a Bursa Malaysia Ace Market-listed company. Led by CEO, Mark Goh, G-AsiaPacific has served over 5,000 customers since its inception and delivers top-notch cloud solutions. This cloud advisory and brokerage company specialises in offering professional cloud computing services using best-in-class IT solutions. It has completed over 120,000 cloud installations for more than 3,000 business organisations. G-AsiaPacific also partners with some of the biggest multinational technology companies in the world such as Google and Microsoft. The company also has offices in Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and New Zealand. 

Ssquad Global

Ssquad Global is a well-established IT service company that specialises in next-generation cloud-based services and also providing world-class managed IT solutions and infrastructure services. Its cloud computing services include providing a cloud readiness workshop, cloud backup and a cloud management system. The company is committed to delivering unique comprehensive solutions that adapt to real-world business situations. Headquartered in Malaysia, Ssquad Global has grown and expanded its operations across the Asia-Pacific, EMEA and Americas. With extensive experience in developing a wide range of best-in-class IT solutions, Ssquad Global delivers intuitive and user-friendly solutions through its dedicated team and partner networks. It has 10 regional offices that cover over 50 locations in the APAC region. 

Integrated Global Solutions (IGS)

Integrated Global Solutions (IGS) offers a range of technology services and solutions including cloud services such as the AVM Fusion-Hybrid Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, Dedicated Cloud and Cloud-in-a-Box. The company also partners with leading global IT brands such as Microsoft, Dell, NetApp, Huawei, Veeam, TrendMicro and more. IGS has over 3,000 clients from various industries that adopt its technology and solutions. Over the years, IGS has successfully completed multiple large-scale IT projects. The company’s dedication to delivering quality services has led to its recognition through numerous awards over the years.


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