Healthtech companies are game changers in the healthcare industry as patients are now able to book appointments online and consult physicians whenever symptoms arise. These companies have a passion for people to lead healthier and longer lives. Hence, they came up with innovative solutions to solve health issues that people face when it comes to medical care and consultations. In this issue, Top 10 of Malaysia shares its pick of the most admirable healthtech providers (presented in no particular order) that have benefitted millions of people in the area of healthcare with the aid of digital technology. 


Dr Jeremy Ting & Azran Osman Rani


Founded by Dr Jeremy Ting and Azran Osman-Rani, Naluri is one of the leading digital care service providers that provide healthcare cost-containment solutions. It deploys technology to deliver integrated person-centred care that has transformed the lives of people who are at risk or are managing the most pervasive chronic and mental health conditions. These conditions include obesity and diabetes, hypertension and heart disease, stress and burnout, depression and anxiety, as well as advanced chronic conditions. Naluri has numerous supporters and collaborators and is trusted by many well-known leading companies in Southeast Asia.  


Dr Hoh Hon Bing


Teleme is an online healthcare platform that connects health practitioners, pharmacies and lab providers. Founded by Dr Hoh Hon Bing in 2015, it aims to empower healthcare professionals to offer their services to the community through a digital platform and make healthcare accessible to all. The platform currently serves more than 500,000 users through various categories of healthcare providers. Teleme has over 1,000 healthcare practitioners, 500 pharmacy outlets and 50 lab outlets. Teleme’s platform also creates health data for users to understand their health conditions and take better care of their health. 


Dr Kev Lim

Qmed Asia

Qmed Asia is a homegrown healthcare technology start-up founded in 2019 by Dr. Kev Lim. Qmed Asia came out with an advanced medical appointment system and mobile queue solutions for clinics and hospitals to address the issue of long queues. It serves as a healthcare platform for both healthcare providers and patients. Healthcare providers can implement digital health modules to improve their operational efficiency while patients are provided with a comprehensive range of online healthcare services such as online bookings, online queueing, teleconsultations with smart IoT monitoring and getting medical care at home. 



BookDoc was founded by the late Datuk Chevy Beh and co-founder Joel Neoh Eu-Jin in 2015. It provides services to users in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Thailand. It is one of Asia’s leading digital health technology solution providers that offers end-to-end solutions by connecting patients to healthcare professionals while incentivising people to stay active. Users can book appointments with healthcare practitioners of their choice based on medical speciality and location. They are also able to speak with highly trained medical professionals via video and chat. BookDoc has 40,000 healthcare professionals and 1 million users.  



Founded by Maran Virumandi and Hazwan Najib in 2016, DoctorOnCall is Malaysia’s first and largest digital healthcare platform that provides easier and more affordable access to medicines through its online pharmacy. It also provides digital health services through its cost-effective access to its online medical video consultation platform with Malaysia’s top doctors and other healthcare providers. The company also provides affordable packages for health screenings and also uploads informative health articles to educate users on how to care for their health. DoctorOnCall has been featured in various publications for its reputable services and positive feedback from users. 



Doctor2U is a product of BP Healthcare Group and it is a mobile application that provides on-demand healthcare services such as home visits to users. Founded in 2015 by Garvy Beh, Doctor2U is currently one of the leading telehealth providers that provide healthcare services across Malaysia, Singapore and soon in Thailand and the Philippines. It has a network of over 1,000 doctors nationwide. It is also in partnership with major insurance providers including Zurich, AIA and Great Eastern as well as large hotel chains in Klang Valley to provide healthcare services for their hotel guests and policyholders. Doctor2U has over 2,000 verified doctors and one million patients every year. 



Founded by Dr Raymond Choy, DOC2US is an award-winning mobile application that allows users to talk to a doctor or any healthcare professional via text chat at any time. DOC2US has healthcare professionals such as general practitioners, nutritionists, specialists and pharmacists from different backgrounds and language abilities. Users could also send pictures or voice messages to their preferred healthcare practitioners. It also collaborates with Alpro Pharmacy Group in prescribing medicines. Electronic prescription via the platform is convenient for those who require replenishment of long-term medications. DOC2US works with 1,500 authorised pharmacies and has 12,000 weekly telehealth visits. 


Care Concierge

Care Concierge provides a wide spectrum of quality senior living care solutions that range from health screening to recovery. Its senior care specialists provide specialised care for conditions that require medical procedures and therapies such as dementia and palliative care. Founded by Martin Yap and Justin Yap, users’ health information is updated on Care Concierge’s digital platform and is analysed by senior care managers. Family members could also keep a check on the users’ vitals and track their well-being through the application. Care Concierge has 2,000 care specialists, over 800 registered nurses and more than 200 specialists to track and monitor patients’ vitals. 


DR Chan Hai Feng


CLEADOC is one of the largest point-of-care testing (POCT) platforms in Malaysia. As a homegrown health technology company and pioneer of POCT in South East Asia, it has hundreds of registered doctors and provides services such as Smart Clinic Management System and Deep AI learning modules. Founded by Dr Chan Hai Feng, John Ng Tzy Yi and Dr Chok Jun Hoong, CLEADOC has over 500,000 users and has conducted over a million tests and sessions. It was listed in the Malaysia Book of Records as “The First Virtual Covid Screening Mobile Application in Malaysia” for its creation of the “virtual covid screening” application. CLEADOC has benefitted over 10 million people. 



Founded by Dr. Ramesh Rajentheran, Bevan Cheong and Shirley Ah Hee, MiyaHealth builds and operates a technology that improves users’ experiences by assisting in connecting them to physicians. It also provides help to users by designing affordable health plans. Its MiyaAvatar is an advanced, predictive and personalised patient navigation that helps in selecting doctors and guides users with chronic diseases in dealing with daily challenges. It has a strong network of over 3,000 clinics and hospitals and over 12,000 physicians. MiyaHealth also has partnerships with prominent global healthcare providers across Europe and Asia. 



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