When it comes to aesthetic treatment, people are cautious and will only go for treatment at trusted clinics. People head to aesthetic clinics not only for cosmetic enhancement but also for treatment and solutions for physical ailments such as acne and extra tummy fat. Here, Top 10 of Malaysia takes a look at its list of the nation’s top aesthetic clinics, listed in no particular order, that are providing a myriad of services for their patients with various health-related or aesthetic conditions.

Dr Ko Skin Specialist
Founded in 1997 by Dato’ Dr Ko Chung Beng, Dr. Ko Skin Specialist is one of the largest and leading dermatology and laser centre in Asia. It is also the first and largest homegrown chain of skin and aesthetic clinic certified by the Health Ministry of Malaysia and it also made it to the Malaysia Book of Records as the “Largest Skin, Laser and Aesthetic Clinic in Malaysia”. Dr. Ko Skin Specialist is the first comprehensive aesthetic centre to provide skin, slimming, hair and cosmetic surgery. It has 31 centres across Malaysia and regional offices in Indonesia. The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a team of doctors who are experts in laser technology, aesthetic innovation and advanced plastic surgery.

One Doc Medical
Founded by Dr Michael Ong and Dr Terrence Teoh in 2016, One Doc Medical is an award-winning, locally established laser treatment and aesthetic centre in Malaysia. It focuses on non-invasive facial treatments for skin-related problems such as acne, pores, pigmentation and aging skin. Besides, it also specialises in multiple laser facial treatments and medical facial formulas of the safest and highest quality of standards with proven results for the improvement of skin texture especially for Asian skin. One Doc has won several awards and accolades. It is also acknowledged as one of Malaysia’s fastest growing medical aesthetic centres with 12 branches all over Malaysia.

Lush Aesthetics Malaysia
Lush Aesthetics Malaysia has a total of 4 branches in Malaysia and Singapore and it is well known for its aesthetic treatments such as Almalase Laser Facial, fat freeze, LED teeth whitening treatment, super laser hair removal, fillers, thread lift and skin healer. Its treatments are catered specifically for face, body, teeth, hair removal and hair growth. It also works closely with aesthetic manufacturers and suppliers in order to create the latest top notch aesthetic technologies and products. Besides, it has won several awards for its effective aesthetic treatments, pleasant customer experience and satisfaction with outstanding performance in the aesthetic field.

M.A.C. Clinic
M.A.C. Clinic was formerly known as Malaysian Aesthetic Clinic and it was established by Dr Hew Yin Keat in 1996. Located at Bangsar, the award-winning clinic offers non-invasive and minimally invasive aesthetic procedures introducing the art of aging gracefully with its state-of-the-art aesthetic equipment and premium quality products for face, body and skin care. Among its services are skin health consultation, acne treatment, botox, Lipomassage, Liposonix Custom Contouring and Lypolysis injections. M.A.C. Clinic provides the latest, safest and effective treatment. Besides, it also provides health services and wellness programs.

Crown Clinic
Established in 2013 and co-founded by Dr Lim Wan Chyi, Crown Clinic is one of Malaysia’s registered medical healthcare and aesthetic clinics providing quality medical health care and aesthetic services. The clinic focuses on non-invasive aesthetic procedures for facial enhancement and rejuvenation. Besides providing aesthetic services, this award-winning clinic also provides other services such as for general healthcare, vaccination, general health screening and anti-aging services. Crown Clinic is also famous for its advanced medical and cutting age medical aesthetic technology which includes Q-Switched Laser, CO2 Laser, Silkpeel Dermainfusion and Plexr Soft Surgery.

GEM Clinic
Established by Dr Lenzo Ling and Phoebe Chan in 2008, GEM Clinic is an award- winning aesthetic clinic that provides services in holistic treatments by using high quality products for regenerative and aesthetic medicine to ensure long lasting and effective aesthetic results. Among its services include laser hair removal, sclerotherapy, crafted IV infusions, photodynamic therapy, mesotherapy and surgical procedures. Besides, it also uses professional medical aesthetic grade skin care products founded by its doctors for cutting-edge facial and body beauty treatments. It focuses to enhance one’s beauty and reverse signs of aging. It also formulated MediGlow, a range of dermatology skin care products which helps to prolong results of aesthetic procedures and also post-aesthetic procedures by soothing and reducing redness and swelling.

Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre
Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre is an award-winning aesthetic clinic providing services for a combination of medical aesthetic treatments, cosmetic surgery, dental aesthetics, hair restoration and it also provides anti-ageing medicine. Besides, the clinic also provides non-invasive treatment procedures such as Botox injection, chemical therapies and laser treatments. Founded in 2012, the clinic is managed by a group of highly skilled specialist doctors, certified plastic surgeons and it is also equipped by world-class facilities with modern equipment and technology thus delivering the best aesthetic results for its international clienteles and also local clients.

Premier Clinic
Founded by Dr Chen Tai Ho, Premier Clinic is one of Malaysia’s leading aesthetic clinics and it has a total of 6 outlets, having served over a thousand satisfied customers locally and abroad. The clinic also won several awards and is equipped with modern technology and equipment in aesthetic medicine with skilled medical aesthetic licensed specialist doctors to ensure effective and safe aesthetic treatment for customers such as cosmetic and plastic surgery, cosmetic non-surgical on skin by using injectables, dermal fillers and also thread lifting, hair removal, hair transplant and non-surgical weight loss or fat removal.

Idealyst Clinic & Medispa
Founded in 2015 by Dr Aidil Azry Dato’ Mokhtar, the award-winning Idealyst Clinic & Medispa is well known by promoting aesthetic treatment via social media thus has gained the interests and visits of many local celebrities enabling Idealyst to be featured in various television programmes. The clinic provides services to cure and remove hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines, hair baldness, skin imperfections, permanent hair removal, acne treatment, anti-aging treatment, hydrafacial, oxygen facial therapy and body contouring. It aims to provide clients with effective treatments and affordable price range. The clinic has well equipped facilities paired with modern technology and highly trained staff in aesthetic medicine. Besides, it also sells aesthetic beauty products such as Royal Glow, Bee Venom Serum and Eye-Deal by Idealyst.

IDO’s Clinic
IDO’s Clinic is an award-winning aesthetic clinic with a total of 8 branches that provides state-of-the-art technology and aesthetic innovations by skilled aesthetic doctors and medical professionals who specialize in anti-aging therapy, acne and scar management, laser pigmentation and scar removal to provide its customers revitalising treatments. It provides treatments for scars, acne, wrinkles, lines, skin tags, and also anti-aging and facial treatments such as brow shaping, face slimming and lips whitening. Besides, the clinic also invests in research and development of skin care to ensure the best aesthetic procedures are carried out for its patients.


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