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Introducing a fresh perspective to the local world of interior design is the brand name, Nu Infinity – an entrepreneurial adventure headed by the three-man team of Nick Fong, Alex Lee and Leslie Cheng.Interior design is still a new, fuzzy concept for most Malaysians, submerged somewhere in between construction and renovation. Nu Infinity has taken the bold step of providing a one-stop solution house for design, build and decorate, a comprehensive cost competitive package,bringing about for the firm and customers, not only clarity and confidence but also delightful satisfaction. In this issue, Top10 of Malaysia speaks with the creative Nick Fong and Alex Lee on the success of their entrepreneurial effort.

The idea for starting an interior design entrepreneurship that included the branding of Nu Infinity, came about in 2008, from the connection of two highly-charged energetic personalities – Nick Fong, a trained Sandakan-born architect who had just returned from the UK and Alex Lee, a trained interior designer based in Kuala Lumpur. Both, Fong and Lee, who were not keen to be in employment and wanting to be masters of their own destiny, were scouting around looking for business opportunities and partners who shared similar values, passion and dreams. The third partner, Leslie Cheng, joined the team at a later point in time.

Nu Infinity, the brand name, was created, “Because we believe there should not be any limitations on design or building styles. On the other hand, there should be a continuous everlasting growth of ideas that can encourage and support the creation of innovative styles. We wanted a name that symbolizes our passion and dreamsthat achieves sustainable success,through riding onfuturistic wavesthat adds vigor and freshness to the industry,” explains Lee. “As you can see, Nu Infinity on its own is a generic name that applies to anything. The intention of a generic brand name is to synonymously build our reputation while building the brand name, just like Google. It took us about two years to gain recognition but now we are quite well known in the industry for our design and building achievements”. The flair for design and a keen eye for artistic space embody the natural talents of both Fong and Lee.

Towards this end, the introduction of the signature style of minimalism attuned to Asian lifestyles has been successfully incorporated within its projects. This is clearly evident from customers’ feedback and the awards the company has won. An innovative signature style of Nu Infinity is the focus on bringing families closer within the constraints of a harried modern lifestyle, by integrating the kitchen with the dining area. “Another focus is on the foyer. Most homes ignore the potentials of an attractive foyer that increases the depth and space of a home but we have given it a new meaning,” says Fong.

The growth of the company, since its inception in 2008, from all aspects is a testimony to the fact that the right entrepreneurial spirit, strength and resilience are a proven enabler for sustained success. The initial years involved the intensive building of reputation especially within the social media which proved to be effective in capturing the attention of the younger generation.“There were notable challenges during the initial period such as having to self-deliver materials, in despicable weather using rented vans with non-existent brakes,” both laughing at the comic visuals.

From a home-grown business to an office supported by a workforce of 17, a varied range of completed commercial and residential projects supported by the visionary framework of wanting to contribute to the industry and community at large, Nu Infinity spells a winning solution. It has built a solid reputation based on its endeavor to provide unique designs that simultaneously takes costs into consideration while ensuring quality is not compromised.

The team has plans to expand further but not in the near future as the company’s intentions are not only financial sustenance but to fulfil a balanced need of attending to the needs of the workforce and providing for the community. This key message rings out loud and clear from both Fong and Lee.

Nu Infinity typifies a growing new entrepreneurial force within the industry and the overall Malaysian economy. Young, energetic and possessing the ferocious spirit of independence but at the same time not losing sight of social responsibilities signifies the need to balance financial commitments with social consciousness. For entrepreneurial brands such as Nu Infinity, the shades of a new minimalism have proven to be a recipe for success.

<strong>Issue 23/2016</strong>


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