Tapping Into The Wellspring Of Life


Coming from a business-inclined family, Lim Kwong Choong, CEO of BAE International Inc Sdn Bhd aptly chose the path of entrepreneurship. Learning the importance of possessing the attitude of gratitude at a young age, Lim talks about his company, his personal values and what inspires him to push forward in this recent interview with Top 10 of Malaysia.

Lim Kwong Choong joined the family business at KH Group upon completing his masters at Babson College, Boston. As someone who values gratefulness, he shares on its importance. “If you are grateful, you attract good energy and it will make you calmer and happier,” Lim says. Though still active in KH Group, Lim paves his own path with BAE International Inc Sdn Bhd.

In fact, he stumbled upon energy medicine by chance as he faced depression during the economic crisis and was diagnosed with typhoid. Having tried modern and traditional medication to no avail, Lim met Professor Muhammad Muslim Abdullah who introduced the power of energies to him through BAE products. “I was sick for three weeks but it took my fever away in three days. I was surprised so I wanted to know more and we eventually started BAE in 2003,” he shares.

Having worked with a Russian scientist to publish six scientific journals under BAE, they are now able to infuse energy into any product by extracting the energy from raw materials which are in mineral form, then placing it into products using nanotechnology. Moreover, different raw materials bring differing benefits. “BAE manufactures energy medicine also known as complementary medicine locally by incorporating raw materials into products to benefit consumers,” Lim explains.

BAE’s products include insoles, supplements, fertilizers and mattresses that are supplied to local companies. Some 1,600 mattresses are sold monthly and they can last up to two years each. “We deliver quality with competitive pricing,” Lim says. “Many people with sleeping issues sleep well on our mattresses based on testimonials. If you have enough sleep, you are a happier person and those around you will be too,” he adds.

When asked what contributes to BAE’s growth, Lim shares that it is gratitude. “Gratitude brings opportunities and insight,” Lim says and he hopes to expand in Japan, Korea and Germany in the near future. “These are wealthy countries. Germany is my gateway into Europe and Japan’s retirees are wealthy and value a healthy lifestyle,” he adds. As for milestones, BAE has achieved quite a bit. “We have surpassed the seven-year acid test for businesses that says 80% or 90% of new businesses won’t survive,” Lim states. However, as BAE’s products are manufactured locally, he says that there is a certain prejudice against them and that is a challenge to be overcome.

As for his leadership style, Lim leads by example and values the right attitude. “When Thomas Edison said ‘I have found one thousand ways to finally succeed’, it is his attitude that led to success,” he says. On his inspiration to push forward, he responds heartwarmingly. “The ability to provide unconditional love through my health-inspiring products,” Lim shares with a smile.

Considering the amount of travelling Lim does, he is still able to balance his life just fine. “I sometimes work at home while I spend time with the family as I enjoy what I do and I’m efficient. My meetings last fifteen minutes as I believe in the importance of respecting each other’s time,” he adds. His six children and his random acts of kindness are his greatest achievements. “Sometimes I ask my staff to buy food for the homeless people on the street as being able to make someone happy is priceless,” says Lim.

Lim believes in being brave in the face of adversity, even failure. “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes and don’t be calculative. Before you ask what someone can offer you, think of what you can offer them instead. Face to face communication beyond the digital realm is also vital,” he emphasises.


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