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Polly Chang is one gutsy lady whose entrepreneurial spirit saw Ga Hing Trading Sdn Bhd(Ga Hing), a company she founded 14 years ago together with her siblings, blossomed to become a leading sanitary ware and tile distributors and retailers.The company, whose name is synonymous with quality products, services, integrity and reliability, is a pioneer in the industry. The visionary leadership in her is revealed as she shares with Top 10 of Malaysia about her background, business and what she values.

Ga Hing grew from a one-store enterprise in Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur to a group with outlets in the Sungai Long and DamansaraPerdana areas and warehouses, logistics bases and offices strategically located. “My goal, with much help from my loved ones, was to create a pioneering company in showroom cum sales outlets, innovative services, selling new products and handling leading brands from overseas apart from turning other innovative ideas into reality,” says Chang. “We also support many local brands such as Johnson Suisse, White Horse and MML.”

Chang, looking vibrant for all her years of hard work and sweat, explains, “I came to Kuala Lumpur from Seremban after completing my Form Five education to work in a plumbing components shop. I worked there for many years and learned the trade.”She adds, “In a twist of events later on, I ended up running a fledgling company for a new boss who was busy with other interests. I applied what I had learned in this new plumbing components business and pioneered one of the first showroom outlets in Malaysia.”

Chang remembers vividly a turning point in her business life. It was when a manager of a tile manufacturer laughed when she applied to be a dealer. He turned her down as he thought she would not be successful in selling tiles. The rejection so fired her up that she went all the way to prove him wrong and Chang did that superbly.

Chang’s parents struggled to give her and her siblings a good education and more often than not,they were apart from each other due to the circumstances that were beyond their control.  Chang’s dream has always been to have the family (all three generations) living under one roof and that has become a reality. She is very thankful for this. She is grateful that she could work so closely with her family and siblings all these years to make Ga Hing the success it is today. Her principles in life are to work and play hard and to keep her promises. Chang admits that during her younger days, making money was the most important goal. But now she sees family life, traveling and enjoying the fruits of her labor as being more important and she greatly values them.

Chang’s husband has had the greatest impact and influence in her life. His positive advice and guidance has moulded her to the point where she is now. “My greatest achievement is yet to come.The driving force in my life is the desire to develop new ideas and keep Ga Hing at the forefront of greater pioneering efforts,” shares Chang. Her mentor is life itself by way of experiencing and understanding people on a daily basis.

Chang’s management strength is her ability to identify and employ the differing talents in her workers for the benefit of the business. She deals with them with her heart just as she does in her business dealings and with her family, relatives and friends. Chang leads by example and gives her staff opportunities to express their ideas and feelings.

When asked about the advice for young entrepreneurs and her sales staff, Chang has this to say: “Be honest, hardworking, tenacious and well prepared while, under all circumstances,treating people who come to us as potential buyers.It’s important to learn quickly so as to stay ahead of the game. Business isn’t merely a means to make a living butalso a great platform for us to display our passion and do our best.” In ten years’ time, Chang sees herself as resilient as ever, achieving new successes in the industry.

Issue 23/2016


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