The growth of internet has led to a prolific shift in marketing from brick-and-mortar to online businesses. One such field that turns out to be a rewarding area is the field of training in internet marketing. Top10 of Malaysia talks to Jamaluddin Bahari, CEO of SifuFBads Sdn Bhd, on the success of his Facebook marketing training programmes that help convert local online ventures into million dollar businesses.

A lifetime of doing various businesses from selling durians to handphones has shaped the business journey of Jamaluddin Bahari, better known as Sifu Jamal. Hailing from Temerloh, Pahang, he exudes the spirit of risk taking, a trait cultivated through his business-inclined family. “I have sold a wide range of products, even peanuts, from my schooling years through university,” recalled Sifu Jamal. “The experiences from trading have taught me to be resilient and forward in my marketing techniques. I have dunked water-proof watches into water and sang Hindi songs just to gain attention,” laughed Sifu Jamal.

“My involvement in Jabatan Kerja Raya as a permanent staff in 2008 led to my foray into online businesses,” discloses Sifu Jamal. “The E-books I created initially sold slowly, subsequently becoming successful after a web refresh. Similarly, acing government interviews makes for profitable e-books,” says Sifu Jamal.

In 2010, he ended his engineering career to pursue internet marketing. “SifuFBads, established in 2013, was positioned to monetise existing marketing opportunities within the Malaysian Facebook community,” explains Sifu Jamal.

“Recognized in Malaysia, SifuFBads has connected with established corporations and entrepreneurs integrated through online and offline channels,” says Sifu Jamal. “Our philosophy is to provide guidance contributing to the formation of a knowledge sharing community.”

“SifuFBads’s programmes are based on research and selected case studies and they include intensive mentoring and hands-on courses.  Materials at no costs include email ids, blogs, videos and eight in-house written e-books.  After all, the more you give, the more credibility you gain,” says Sifu Jamal.

SifuFBads’ success is evident through the attendance of over 2,500 participants at its trainings. “Participants are able to generate five to six-figure incomes three to four months after attending our courses,” reveals Sifu Jamal.

Realising the untapped and lucrative potential of e-market training in Indonesia, SifuFBads also has a representative in Jakarta. Furthermore, Sifu Jamal plans to expand in the Southeast Asia region within certain sectors and become an Asian market leader.

Additionally, his management style encourages teamwork amongst the 30 employees of SifuFBads who are also encouraged to keep abreast of current technologies. Plans to expand its Sungai Besi office are in the pipeline.

“Work occupies a major portion of my time,” admits Sifu Jamal. “There is also quality time spent with my family especially my three children aged nine, three and one. Recently, I took my family for a holiday in Turkey.”

Jamaluddin’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to possess the right level of motivation, purpose, and knowledge in taking action with a never-give-up attitude.


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