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‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’ is a philosophy, for life and business, cherished and practised by A.H. Kuan, the Managing Director and founder of Esona Technologies SdnBhd (Esona). This highly successful and innovative company is a leader in ‘green’ and ‘environmental-friendly’ technology in Malaysia and also internationally. Kuan founded Esona back in 1981 and it has since grown to become a recognized pioneer in the green care, health care, car and sanitary ‘low carbon emission’ industry. The far-sighted Kuan shares with Top 10 of Malaysia his beliefs, challenges and vision for the future in a recent interview.

Over the years, the Esona Group has achieved and won many certifications and awards worldwide, among which are the Sirim Eco Label, My Hijau Green Tag, ISO-9001:2008, Golden Eagle,Green Era Award in France and 2015 Chinese Pride Model honoured by China Central Television (CCTV). Itsoffices, R & D, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution divisions throughout West and East Malaysia are taken care of by a workforce of over 120. With multinational clients in China, India, Taiwan and other regions, Esona has grown steadily in step with the ‘green’ movement through the decades. Kuan, together with his son, Nae Di who is the CEO,have set impeccable standards for the company inprofessionalism even to the extent of outperforming world-renowned conglomerates in the field.

Kuan, looking years younger than his age and who hails from Raub, Pahang started having an interest in soaps and chemistry as a boy and had many thought-provoking experiences with nature through science. “I experimented and learned about cleanliness and all things natural until it developed into a lasting passion that has brought Esona Group to where it is now,” he says.“I believe that the natural environment ought to be sustained through ‘green’ practices on a daily basis. This is enshrined in my company’s policies, solution-driven products and services for the benefit of mankind.” Kuan believes not only in selling quality low-carbon products and green care services, but also in giving more than what the client would expect.

“I am proud that my clients are always fully satisfied and happy with our products and services,”shares Kuan, a graduate from the National University of Taiwan. His philosophies, for life and business, can be seen from some of the taglines he employ –‘Dirty is Unnatural’, ‘Green is Healthy’, ‘Sanitation is Service to Society’ and ‘Cleanliness is Beauty’. Kuan strives to educate and create an awareness of the importance for a naturally clean and stress-free environment among people.One of the recent talks he gave was at an event organized by Green World (an NGO) at Putrajaya that also saw a ‘Green Marathon’run.

Kuan’s company has garnered multinational accounts from hypermarket chains, food franchises and corporations (even in India) besides government bodies due to its high standards and quality of its products. Esona’s key strength focuses on ‘how its products perform’ or ‘solutions’ rather than just the product’s capability. The company aims at giving clients a comprehensive long term sustainable green solution instead of just ‘fighting fires’. Esona’s admirable R & D culture is instrumental in coming up with products that are ‘greener’, safer, hygienic, and certainly value for money. Thisgreen culture has been developed and fostered by Kuan himself for effectively tackling the ‘PBO’, an acronym he came up with for Pest, Bacteria and Odour(elements that usually co-exist in the built environment) and Kuan strives to eliminate all three.This is in line with Esona’s philosophy to fully practice the green environmental culture while making the world a better and more secure place for people as well as for a more harmonious and naturally healthier environment.

Kuan is a perfectionist like his role model,the late Steve Jobs, founder of Apple and his family has been the greatest impact in his life, supporting him in all his visions, endeavors and struggles. His way of coping with stress is keeping things simple. For instance, he is not choosy in what he eats but eats in moderation. Kuan’s advice, in a nutshell, to those who want to venture into this business –

Live and consciously promote a ‘greener’ lifestyle with a resiliencethat perseveres through all situations.

Issue 23/2016


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