Learning the right skills for stock trading could make someone successful. Hence, possessing the right knowledge and experience is crucial when it comes to teaching them. In an interview with Top 10 of Malaysia, Terence Teoh talks about his company’s services and its success in getting students overseas to join the online classes. 

“For young people who are starting out in business, it’s best to let your passion lead the way.”

Terence Teoh graduated with a computer science degree at University New South Wales in Australia. “I spent the first four years of my career working as an IT engineer,” says Teoh. “Later, I joined JobsStreet.com as a software engineer. It was during that period that I was inspired to become an entrepreneur.”


Beyond Insights Sdn Bhd was established by Teoh and his wife. “Our company provides services in teaching students about stock market trading and investment,” says the founder. “We started our first public class in 2009 and we only had one programme. We realised that in order to deliver the best service to our students, we have to expand our capabilities. That made us focus on growing the business and team.”


“Our company has twenty-nine coaches who are responsible for teaching. We focus on holistic education and provide a comprehensive curriculum. We have a huge team of coaches who will continuously provide educational support to our students,” says Teoh. “Due to the pandemic, we have converted our classes online. We are still able to make online learning effective and now we have students from other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Phillipines and the United Kingdom. 


Teoh’s challenge when running the business is his clients’ expectations to be successful just after a few days of learning. “Our programmes are comparatively longer as they go on for two and a half months. Our clients may find learning the skill challenging as they are busy with their families and careers” says Teoh who constantly searches for ways to make learning effective for his students. 


“For young people who are starting out in business, it’s best to let your passion lead the way. If you are not passionate about what you do, it will just be another job with much higher risk,” says the entrepreneur. “Having good mentors to guide you is also very important. When you need to make choices, find someone experienced who can show you how to make decisions.”


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