The path to success is never paved with gold. Instead, more often than not, it comes with multiple hurdles that can floor even the most enterprising of entrepreneurs. With unwavering commitment and perseverance, Dato’ Jahlilawati Abu Bakar, Founder and President of BisnesJaya Resources triumphed over the hurdles in her business journey to reach her pinnacle of success. In a recent interview session with Top 10 of Malaysia, she shares her own success story and her desire to help others succeed in their business journey.

Dato’ Jahlilawati Abu Bakar comes across as an honest and enthusiastic person and she effortlessly sends inspirational vibes to anyone who aspires to achieve her level of success in the business world.

Her calling to be a businesswoman did not come early in her life. After graduating from Universiti Putra Malaysia in 1989, she began a career in information technology in the corporate sector which continued on for twenty years. At the peak of her corporate career, Jahlilawati arrived at a crossroad where she felt that she should do something more in her life.

“That’s when I started finding ways to make extra money. I spent a lot on online investments. I started off without any knowledge and unfortunately it led me into a financial crisis,” she says. Jahlilawati knew that she should find a way to fix her mishaps and the answer was through business endeavours.

“I stumbled upon Score A, an educational tool sold through a promising and lucrative network marketing model. It was completely new to me, but I was willing to learn and succeed,” shares Jahlilawati.

After two months of running the business on a part-time basis, Jahlilawati decided that she needed to give more focus and time on her efforts. She took a bold step in quitting her corporate job in 2009 after having considered all the risks and possibilities to do her business full time. “At that point, I gave myself an ultimatum. There was no longer a backup plan if my business fails. Being in that situation, I was forced to do my best and I am glad it really paid-off,” says Jahlilawati.

Her commitment and hard work soon brought her commendable results. In the same year, Jahlilawati managed to achieve an awe-inspiring level of income and was in the Multi-Millionaire Club with a monthly income of some RM160,000.

After her success with Score A, Jahlilawati then ventured into another business – Tone Excel referral program. Jahilawati brought tsunami/massive wave on network development and became a trend setter in this business. With her skills, she made her way up the ladder of success in no time. In her tenth month, She broke company record and also her personal record; her income soared to RM184,000 a month, an achievement that garnered her the Most Outstanding Achiever Award given by the company in 2013.

Jahlilawati’s third network marketing venture was Enagic Kangen Water, a Japanese company selling Kangen machines with alkaline ionizer technology for health benefits. Jahlilawati accomplished remarkable feat broke the Enagic WORLD record – became 6A within only 18 days of her registration; it is one of the rarest in Enagic history. Jahlilawati managed to earn an income of RM400,000 in the first month of her operation. Ever since then, she has also helped many members in her network earn as much as she does and become high-flyers themselves.

“I was lucky to have the right mentor and support. These were the people who are experienced in the trade and gave me full guidance towards achieving my sales target. I certainly have learned a lot,” explains Jahlilawati.

Before this Jahlilawati is only a distributor in all businesses, but this year, Jahlilawati continued to move forward by setting up DJ Moment, a new wing under BisnesJaya Group selling NaViX, an all-natural exclusively formulated anti-stress health supplement using the trading affiliate marketing business model.

Jahlilawati also runs BisnesJaya Academy where she dedicates her time to share her knowledge and skills about business, particularly in network marketing.

“I have always been passionate about sharing and teaching. My biggest reward is seeing people succeed in their business. That is when I know I have contributed meaningfully,” says the mother of three.

Jahlilawati emphasizes a lot about the importance of learning when venturing into business. “Find yourself the right mentor with an experience in the field that you wish to pursue. Learn as much as you can from them, do it, and you’ll get positive results. Do you dare to learn and chase your big dream?” she says.


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