Sahara Force India: A ‘Roar’ To Contend With


Top 10’s Exclusive

The Sahara Force India F1 team was treated to a private event hosted by NEC, the team’s Premium ICT Partner, upon their arrival for the Malaysian leg. Having seen the formidable Sahara Force India F1 team in action, read on for a first-hand look at what goes on behind the team’s success in Top 10 of Malaysia’s exclusive interview with Sergio Pérez, and Nico Hülkenberg.

Tell us about your journey with each other the past few years?

Sergio: It has been really good since we started and we have grown a lot together. The response has been very good especially this year and now we are fighting for fourth – I couldn’t imagine that when I joined the team, so I’m very proud and hope we can get the place we’re fighting for.

What is the chemistry that contributes to the success of the team?

Nico: We are both very competitive and push each other quite hard which benefits the team because when we push each other to the limit, and sometimes above the limit, we get more out of ourselves, the car, the team, and I think that’s a very positive thing and very good environment.

You’re both extremely talented, and seemed to fare better in European circuits this season. Is there any particular reason for this?

Nico: I think breakfast is better in Europe that’s why (laughs).

What would you consider personal milestones achieved?

Nico: I think generally, reaching F1 and staying there for quite a few years. That is a milestone on its own and in my case, going to Le Mans and winning it in my first attempt has been quite special.

What are some of the most notable challenges you have faced?

Sergio: Just going through every category knowing that you have to succeed to keep going, and getting into Formula 1 is the same thing. You must succeed at a very young age and you don’t have many opportunities. You have to succeed in your first year, so it’s not easy all the time being under pressure to deliver and to always be prepared to give your best.

How do you achieve a balance between your professional and personal lives? You may choose not to answer if you feel uncomfortable.

Nico: No, I think there is no harm in that question. I think for me it comes pretty naturally. I mean it’s not hard to find a balance at all. I think everybody has their private lives and then the work side of it. Our work is obviously a little more in the public eye but somehow we grew up with that, so it feels quite natural.

Any advice you would give to those just starting out in racing?

Sergio: To give their best, enjoy the track and the trip, and never give up on your dreams.

Nico: Work hard.

Nico Hülkenberg
Nico Hülkenberg

In countries like Singapore and Malaysia where the weather varies between humidity, heat, and rain showers, how do you prepare yourselves?

Nico: Yeah, I mean it’s tough physically in this part of the world, but I think the key is just fitness. You have to be fit and physically ready. I mean you are going to sweat, so drinking a lot of electrolytes and minerals helps. It’s important to hydrate and come here few days early to acclimatize and get over the jet lag. It is part of preparations, like doing some preparation runs and outdoor sports so the body can acclimatize a little bit.

How do you feel about Sahara Force India’s fourth placing currently in the Constructor’s Championship?

Sergio: I am really excited and I have so much to look forward to for the last few races. I think they are going to be very intense and we have to make sure that we score as many points as possible in the remaining races, you know, with both cars. It would be amazing to achieve that with this team.

How do you plan to prepare for your remaining races?

Sergio: No difference to what we’ve been doing. From the first race up to the last, you have to always be prepared to do your best. Every track is different and has different demands but we just have to prepare to do our best.

Sergio Pérez
Sergio Pérez

Nico: I think you approach every race in the same way really. So, it is business as usual but obviously with focus and trying to get the best out of each individual race. It is most important that come Abu Dhabi on Sunday night we are in fourth place. How we get there, it doesn’t matter as much but we want to get there. So, we just have to put in the hard work and do the job.



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