EMAX Beauté International Sdn Bhd, a prominent beauty and skincare brand in Malaysia, has established itself as a one-stop destination for head-to-toe beauty services. In a recent interview with Top 10 of Malaysia, Wilson Lee, the CEO of EMAX Beauté shares valuable insights into the company’s journey, its success factors and the vision for the future. Wilson has led the company to become a prominent beauty and skincare brand in Malaysia through his vision and commitment to innovation. With a comprehensive range of services and a focus on addressing industry demands, EMAX Beauté has set itself apart as a one-stop destination for all beauty needs, propelling the company’s success and paving the way for future expansion.

Wilson Lee embarked on his professional journey after completing his education at First City University College. He started his career as a Marketing Executive at Pets World, where he gained valuable expertise and experience. However, he found his true passion at EMAX Beauté International, where he has devoted the last eight and a half years of his career with unwavering commitment. Through his hard work and dedication, Wilson has recently attained the esteemed role of CEO, leading the company to achieve greater success.

Emax Beauté was established on the back of an unfulfilled niche in the market. “We identified a need for comprehensive beauty retail services and essential skincare products that perfectly complemented the treatments. Our aim was to address existing demands by providing innovative solutions and solving existing problems in the industry,” says Wilson. 

Wilson Lee

“When I embarked on this journey, my initial vision for EMAX Beauté was to establish it as one of the prominent beauty and skincare brands in Malaysia. However, the company’s growth surpassed my expectations, as we expanded our offerings to include beauty, skincare, hair, aesthetics, slimming and body wellness brands, becoming a comprehensive destination for all beauty needs,” says Wilson excitedly. “Our success has fueled our ambition to expand beyond the Klang Valley in 2024.”

Wilson attributes the success of EMAX Beauté to several important factors. Firstly, effective leadership plays a crucial role, as I carefully choose and place individuals in positions that align with their skills and potential. Secondly, the company’s focus on organisation and strategy has been instrumental in achievements,” says Wilson. “We have also developed a systematic approach that ensures a smooth flow of operations from customers to brands. As consumer needs change and our workforce expands, having the right systems in place, along with flexibility and agility, has been vital for our operations, marketing, sales and customer experience. Innovation has also been pivotal to our success, as we strive to create a unique approach that sets us apart from our competitors, particularly in terms of marketing and advertising. EMAX Beauté embraces uniqueness, even in the design of our outlets, with each brand having its own distinct concept, ensuring a diverse and appealing experience for customers.”

Wilson Lee

“We take pride in our four distinct brands. Our first two brands, Beauté Library and Venusde, specialise in beauty services such as facials and non-invasive laser treatments. Venusde goes a step further by also providing scalp care therapy and hair growth treatments. Curvena, on the other hand, is dedicated to slimming and wellness, focusing on achieving healthy curves, effective weight loss management and treatments tailored specifically for women. Lastly, B+ Clinic represents our recent expansion into the aesthetics industry, where we offer cutting-edge treatments including fillers, botox, platelet rich plasma and thread lifts.” 

EMAX Beauté has successfully established four brands from scratch, with three of them being created within the past four years. Another milestone is the expansion into the aesthetics industry, offering a range of treatments beyond facials and non-invasive procedures, and the hiring of professional and certified doctors specialising in these treatments. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and the resulting economic crisis, EMAX Beauté has managed to maintain its workforce and even experienced a remarkable 90% increase in staff numbers. “We had to ensure the retention of 200 dedicated and trained retail staff post-lockdown. To overcome these obstacles, we implemented a strategic approach focused on building a robust marketing and customer experience team. By planning ahead and launching impactful campaigns as soon as the lockdown ended, we were able to make a remarkable recovery,” shares Wilson.

“Another significant challenge in the retail beauty services industry is the constant competition, price wars and occasionally negative public perception of sales teams when it comes to packages. I address these challenges by conducting weekly check-ins and monthly team culture meetings. This ensures that our top priority is the well-being of our customers and their satisfaction with our services,” he adds. 

Wilson’s management and leadership styles can be characterised as visionary, democratic and transformational. “I present a compelling company vision that inspires and aligns with the personal and career aspirations of my staff,” says Wilson who approaches his responsibilities with objectivity and a strong focus on achieving results. “One of my notable strengths is strategic risk-taking, where I carefully evaluate the potential advantages and disadvantages of a decision while having contingency plans in place. This approach enables me to take calculated risks that have a higher likelihood of leading to success.”

“I follow a democratic leadership approach,” explains the CEO. “I firmly believe in the strength of collaboration and highly value the ideas and passions of my employees. I foster an environment where everyone has the opportunity to freely exchange ideas and participate in discussions. I agree with Steve Jobs’ viewpoint that it is more effective to hire intelligent individuals and allow them to contribute their expertise and insights rather than dictating their actions. Furthermore, I embrace transformational leadership by utilising effective communication skills, empathy and the ability to build positive relationships with my team, ensuring the clear conveyance of the company’s vision.”

As consumers become increasingly knowledgeable about beauty and aesthetics, Wilson believes that the key to surpassing competitors lies in the ability to deliver unparalleled service. “I have a vision for all EMAX brands to excel in providing seamless, flawless and distinct services that set us apart from the competition. I envision a future where Malaysians embrace injectables and invasive treatments, allowing us to venture into this realm and cater to their evolving preferences.”

When asked on how Wilson balances his professional and personal life, he says,  “I conduct monthly resets, re-evaluate my way of life and adapt to evolving priorities. Effective time management is crucial, and I dedicate time each Sunday to plan my week meticulously. During the holiday season, I prioritise spending quality time with my children, while the remaining time is dedicated to driving the business forward. Weekends are sacred for me and I make a conscious effort to devote them to my family.” 

For young people embarking on their business journey, he says, “Do not fear the possibility of burnout. It is important to push yourself beyond your comfort zone to understand your limits. Hence, you will gain valuable insights that will help you strike a balance between work and play effectively. Embrace the process, have faith in yourself and trust that even when things don’t go as planned, it is part of your journey towards success. Your zero-to-hero story can be one of your most powerful marketing assets,” he advises. “Continuously seek knowledge by indulging in reading. Pick up a good book and immerse yourself in its transformative effects. The wisdom and insights gained from literature can shape your mindset and equip you with the tools needed to navigate the business world. Lastly, surround yourself with positive individuals. Surroundings have a significant impact on your mindset and motivation. Hence, if you find yourself surrounded by negative or narrow-minded people, consider changing your surroundings.”


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