Revolutionary Mindset Transformation


Dato’ Dr Lawrence Walter Ng Founder, CEO, International Chief Master Trainer of Lawrence Walter Seminars is an Inspirational Master Trainer for 31 years since 1986. He is a winner of JCI World Award in Commercial Education and also the author of Passion for Extraordinary Performance, The Art of Learning and The Mental Warrior. Being a lively, encouraging and dynamic speaker, his speech presentation is entertaining and humorous.

Dato’ Dr Lawrence Walter Ng is the foremost expert in Mindset Transformation Training for organisations, teams and individuals and also a Chief Motivational Strategist. He has over 30 years of training and consulting experience and is also one of Asia’s Top Motivational Speakers and Master Trainers. Specialising in Active Audience Participation Learning Technology, Dr Ng possesses a deep understanding of the Art of Accelerated Learning with an acute ability to detect and transform behavioural patterns. Besides, he is also the Lead Designer of Strategic and Creative Games to arouse previous habits and replacing them with a brand new mindset.

Various CEOs have acknowledged Dr Ng as having the impact in delivery and has great knowledge in engaging his audience to feel the power of positive work culture, passion and a winning mindset.

Dr Ng has also successfully held outstanding and award winning corporate trainings for over 2 million people in 2,000 organisations in 14 countries all around the globe. His customised training solutions & strategic motivational modules have inspired many employees and leaders to advance their organisations both in profits and income.

Many organisations have also achieved amazing breakthroughs and showcased turnaround capabilities and these are the results of Dr Ng’s positive mindset transformation training. Some of these training have attained government and international recognitions and garnering awards along the way. Lawrence Walter Seminars was also regarded as among the best training companies in Malaysia.


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