Malaysia’s Innovative Proptech Platforms – The Top 10


In this issue, Top 10 of Malaysia shares its pick of Malaysia’s ten most innovative proptech platforms (arranged in no particular order) that have made impactful contributions to revolutionise property-related services in Malaysia. These platforms are at the forefront of transforming property management and housing solutions in Malaysia. The rapidly evolving field of property technology (proptech) has given rise to visionary companies, each making significant contributions to revolutionise property-related services. These pioneering proptech companies have introduced novel approaches to property ownership, management and rental experiences. They offer a range of services, from comprehensive property management platforms to cutting-edge digital solutions and innovative co-living concepts, all aimed at reshaping the Malaysian real estate industry. 

proptech platforms
Vincent Lim


CozyHomes is a premier property and tenancy management platform committed to revolutionising the way people experience home ownership. Founded in 2019 and led by Vincent Lim, its journey began with a vision to provide hassle-free and efficient solutions to property owners, ensuring they could fully enjoy the benefits of their investments. With a steadfast mission to make home management effortless, it has since grown to serve approximately 700 unique subscribers, each benefiting from its comprehensive services. Featured on various media portals, CozyHomes is a renowned proptech company that strives to empower individuals to enjoy better homes, whether they are property owners seeking peace of mind or tenants in search of their dream dwelling. With a commitment to innovation, professionalism and customer satisfaction, CozyHomes is dedicated to shaping the future of property management.

proptech platforms
Angela Kew


Led by Angela Kew, myLivin’ has established itself as a trusted provider of software solutions in the property management industry, effectively serving the community with its cutting-edge platform, setting a new standard in the digital property management solutions market for nearly a decade. What sets myLivin’ apart is its comprehensive approach, offering solutions through web, app and kiosk interfaces, making it the only property management platform of its kind. Over the past two years, myLivin‘ has experienced remarkable growth, with an impressive increase of over 300%. It has played a pivotal role in facilitating the seamless transition of numerous communities into cashless environments. Through its innovative online platform, myLivin’ has successfully enabled the collection of more than RM10 million of maintenance fees and sinking funds for the industry in merely 2 years and this figure continues to rise.

proptech platforms
Joey Lim & Keek Wen Khai


LiveIn stands as a renown proptech company dedicated to cultivating a vibrant long-term rental community. The core mission of LiveIn revolves around the pressing challenge of affordable housing, which it addresses by ingeniously transforming existing properties into cost-effective rental residences, all facilitated through its innovative online-to-offline (O2O) platform. Notably, LiveIn tailors these housing solutions to cater specifically to the younger demographic, recognising their unique needs. Previously known as Hostel Hunting in 2015, the company was rebranded in 2020. Founded by visionaries Joey Lim and Keek Wen Khai, LiveIn has been a trailblazer in reshaping the co-living landscape. Its transformative approach extends beyond property conversions; it involves the creation of dynamic long-stay rental communities that resonate with young people. LiveIn operates in 5 cities in Malaysia and Thailand, and is currently in the process of entering the Vietnamese market. The company is committed to addressing the affordable housing crisis and providing attractive, accessible housing options for the younger generation.


Speedhome, formerly known as Speedrent Technology, emerged in 2015 as a licensed insurance agency with a unique vision to enhance home rental protection and streamline the rental process by integrating insurance protection with technological innovation. In 2019, the company underwent a significant transformation, rebranding itself as SPEEDHOME, while maintaining its commitment to improving home rental protection and empowering landlords and tenants through technological innovation. A standout feature of SPEEDHOME is its zero-deposit rental option, which eliminates traditional barriers to renting one’s dream home. The platform has been met with great success, with over half a million chat requests and 517,000 tenant inquiries. Additionally, SPEEDHOME boasts an impressive 89,000 property listings and over 320,000 app downloads. The platform’s accomplishments have also earned it recognition in various media outlets. Led by Wong Whei Meng, SPEEDHOME continues to redefine the rental industry with its innovative and user-friendly approach.

Victor Chua, Jason Ding, Quek Wee Siong, Joshua Ong & Jon Saw


MHub is a leading property transaction platform in Malaysia, dominating 40% of primary residential transactions and collaborating with over 10 of the country’s top 15 real estate developers. Through its innovative digital solutions, MHub has transformed property management and reduced sales process from nine months to just one month. With the trust of 120 developers, the company has facilitated RM43 billion in transactions and 300,000 bookings across 2,000 projects. The company, led by Quek Wee Siong, Jon Saw, Jason Ding, Joshua Ong, and Victor Chua, offers an end-to-end property developer operating system aimed at simplifying property sales. Beyond property, MHub has extended its reach as a provider of modern software as a service solutions, addressing complex business challenges for companies of all sizes. MHub was also selected by The Ministry of Local Government Development as a key digital transformation partner for the Housing Integrated Management System. Furthermore, MHub is the sole Malaysian company shortlisted for the Google For Startups Accelerator Programme and is part of the Founders of Excellence Programme, recognised for its unicorn potential among startups.


ProSales, founded by Christina Leong, is an award-winning company in proptech. Powered by Infra Mobile Digital Sdn Bhd (IMD), a renowned technology strategist and consultant established in 2015, ProSales specialises in comprehensive digitalisation consultancy services. ProSales offers an end-to-end digital solution uniquely designed for the construction and property development industry. Launched in 2019, it has revolutionised the property buying journey by partnering with top virtual experience creators to deliver exciting, contactless property buying experiences for homebuyers. IMD’s rapid growth in the market is attributed to its shared mission to enhance efficiency and solve real-life problems. Its achievements have earned it recognition in the proptech field. ProSales is a modern, user-friendly, all-in-one ecosystem that redefines the real estate landscape, focusing on trustworthiness and transparency. It collaborates closely with clients, providing tailored solutions that drive business success.


Teh Hon Seng spearheads iNeighbour, a platform that has garnered the trust of more than 100,000 households. With a remarkable track record of generating over 1,500,000 maintenance invoices and attracting a monthly audience of over 500,000 visitors, iNeighbour has become a household name in property management. At the heart of iNeighbour‘s success is the iNeighbour Resident App, a comprehensive solution boasting over 30 distinct features in one user-friendly application. This multifaceted tool encompasses everything from property accounting with i-Account, visitor management and guard patrolling to short-stay modules, access control and IoT integration. Moreover, iNeighbour ventures into the realm of smart homes, making life more convenient and secure for residents. Its robust maintenance and workflow management system streamline operations, while commercial parking management and a vibrant marketplace enhance the overall living experience. 


Didian, co-founded by Chow Nam Kit and Ng Kay Yip, has revolutionised the real estate industry by facilitating over RM4 billion Gross Development Value (GDV) in transactions. This platform connects over 6,500 agents from over 500 agencies, speeding up property sales for agencies and developers. With its technology and network of partner agents, Didian simplifies and speeds up the process of securing dream homes. Didian is featured in various media outlets. Real-time leads via the Didian App enhance sales and transparency. The platform grants access to a wide array of new projects from top Malaysian developers, serving as a business-to-business (B2B) property marketplace. Didian is a one-stop solution, supporting developers at all project marketing stages, from pre-launch to post-completion. It has made property transactions more efficient, fundamentally altering the property industry’s landscape.


Founded by Jordan Oon, HostAStay has been a prominent player in the short stay accommodation market since its inception in January 2017. Recognised as the leading short stay platform in Malaysia, HostAStay is committed to assisting property owners in transforming their vacant spaces into lucrative assets, all while ensuring a top-notch experience for guests. Specialising in short stay consultancy, management, training, system platforms, and interior design and renovation, HostAStay stands out by combining technology with a human touch by focusing on understanding the unique needs of its clients. With 1,000 registered hosts and 10,000 live units across various states including Penang, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Semenyih, Johor Bahru and Sabah, HostAStay has made waves in the short stay rental industry. This innovative platform, featured extensively in the media, is transforming the proptech sector, bringing greater convenience to hosts and guests alike.

Utopia Co-Living

Utopia Co-Living, founded by Chun Ynh Chok, has established itself as Malaysia’s leading provider of zero-deposit room rentals. It offers over 1,300 zero-deposit rooms and provides complimentary cleaning and repair services, ensuring a hassle-free living experience. Free 500 Mbps Wi-Fi is also available to all residents. Safety is a top priority and its rooms are equipped with anti-burglary locks, CCTV surveillance and fire safety measures. Utopia Co-Living also goes the extra mile by carefully selecting housemates and tenants are billed only for the services they use. The added perk of being able to freely switch between available rooms enhances convenience. Operating in major urban areas such as in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor Bharu, and Penang, Utopia Co-Living has become the preferred home for over 8,000 tenants across Malaysia, reshaping the co-living landscape with their innovative and tenant-centric approach.

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