The enterprising Bryan Kow established Panddy Media three years ago and the company gained success during the MCO period. In an interview with Top 10 of Malaysia, Kow shares about his entrepreneurial journey and how he was inspired to assist enterprises in promoting their businesses online after he realised the importance of social media exposure. 

Bryan Kow
“In the next five to ten years, we wish to not only assist enterprises but also to promote Malaysia to the whole world.”

Bryan Kow grew up in single-parent family and his mum was the sole breadwinner of the family. “Since I was studying in secondary school, I had the burden of bearing the responsibility to provide and take care of my family,” says Kow who started working part time while he was taking up a course in quantity surveying in the university. 

“As I was earning a monthly four-digit side income by selling facial masks, I decided to quit my studies,” says the enterprising Kow who also took up a part-time job at a cyber café. “When I was browsing the internet, I found a direct-selling job and decided to join the company,” says Kow with a smile. 

Unfortunately, the company did badly in sales as the market crashed. “I was the last person to resign and leave the company. Subsequently, I travelled overseas to meet a successful entrepreneur on WeChat and learned about promoting business on WeChat,” says Kow. “Soon, I gathered a team of over 100 people and started my company just within three months. We were selling hair care products and I was appointed as the brand’s CEO in Malaysia.” 

Upon advertising and promoting the product through blogs and on WeChat, Kow realised how important the internet is when it comes to marketing. “Many new business owners are not aware of the importance of having a platform to build their business presence online with the right amount of exposure. That was how I was inspired to establish Panddy Media,” says Kow. 

Kow’s initial team consisted of five people handling the departments for IT, management, designing and production. “We learned that despite how attractive a brand’s products may appear on social media, it won’t be the determining factor for sales. Thus, Panddy Media provides media marketing solutions for enterprises to ensure that they are able to achieve full media exposure on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Tik Tok.

During the MCO period from April to June this year, Panddy Media has assisted more than 3,000 business owners in promoting their products online. “In the next five to ten years, we wish to not only assist enterprises but also to promote Malaysia to the whole world.” 


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