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We live in a tech-obsessed age and we have every reason to indulge and even gloat about it. After all, apps virtually at the tip of our fingers are making once complicated tasks simple. Dato’ Vince Kek, an unassuming but affable entrepreneur, vows to make his company Malaysia’s premier software and IT provider. In a recent interview with Top 10 of Malaysia, he talks about his background and values and the challenges he faced in the business he started through his company – One Ping Sdn. Bhd.

“One Ping” is the name of Dato’ Vince Kek’s company and there’s a philosophy behind this instantly memorable name. The word, ‘Ping’ in Chinese is ‘品’ and when used with three other Chinese words, ‘品德,品质,品牌’, it would mean, “Morality, Quality and Brand Name”. These three words are not a mere slogan for Vince, for he truly lives by the ideals that he upholds. In addition, the word ‘Ping” is also associated with the notification sound to alert the user of an incoming message and from the spirit of heralding good things to come. That is why Vince considers this name appropriate for his company.

Before starting his own business, he had been learning the trade for more than 10 years. He studied for a Bachelor Degree of Computer Science and later a Master in Information System at the University of Tunku Abdul Rahman. With the qualifications, he worked in various companies and was involved in more than 200 projects, garnered an accolade, gained entrepreneurial skills and finally in February 2014, took the big leap and founded One Ping Sdn. Bhd. It was indeed a risk for Vince as he was the sole breadwinner of a family of three kids but his skills, hard work, persistence and integrity helped him pushed through. The support from Vince’s wife was also a very important motivation for him to move further. “I believe that in order for a business to be successful, it is essential to have the quality, an identifiable and trustworthy brand name supported by a strong moral background,” he says.

With One Ping, he focused on mobile applications, website design & development, digital marketing and training. It has only been a short two years since it started own business but One Ping has managed to win contract after contract from impressive projects and clients such as AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad, Maxis Berhad, IJM Corporation Berhad, Sasbadi Holdings Berhad, Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia and more. Not only has One Ping has expanded locally but has also branched out internationally. Today under the brand One Ping are three companies: One Ping Sdn. Bhd., One Ping Holdings Sdn. Bhd., and One Ping International Sdn. Bhd. The businesses provide offline and online Information Technology solutions, advertising and technology skills training.

Vince’s vision for One Ping is to link up businessmen all around the world and foster business opportunities through its services. Such an ambition would not be achievable unless one is equipped with the right amount of dedication, determination and talent. The industry has certainly taken notice of Vince’s talents and awarded him the “21st Century The Prestigious Brand”, and “Asia Honesty Entrepreneur Award”. He was also invited to be one of the speakers for “ASEAN Legal Alliance Conference II”.

Vince is an entrepreneur for whom innate determination and IT knowledge have propelled him far into the arena of business success. But what exactly is his recipe for success in so short a period of time? For Vince it was his effective overcoming of insufficient capital and the lack of talents that he could put to use in his company. “Capital needed for certain projects can come or be absent at the most crucial time. It is also difficult to find talented staff that are committed,” he laments. Despite the challenges, Vince managed to charge forward and from there, build strategies that ensure that such obstacles would be mere hiccups in the future.

Speaking of the future, the ambitious entrepreneur says that the sky is without limit as he is developing own products to further build on his brand name. “The products combination with mobile technology is the way to go for the future,” remarks Vince. Business profit is not the only thing on Vince mind as he also contributes just as enthusiastically to help the less fortunate. Instead of giving them the proverbial fish, he believes in teaching them how to fish instead. He has trained and hired physically challenged individuals to design and maintain webpages, social media marketing, call center job and perform data-entry duties.

It is easy to see why success follows Vince so closely. He never fails to do that which he is engaged in with passion and enthusiasm. To quote him: “Do what you learned and learn when you do.” “It is important for you to really know where your passion lies, who you are and to decide on your field of choice. Inevitably, success will follow,” he advises.


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