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Every entrepreneur wants to achieve success, but success often comes to those who know how to navigate their companies through an uncertain economic climate and are willing to pay the price. Meet Jamil Bakri, CEO of Worldbay Solution Sdn Bhd, who recently shares with Top 10 of Malaysia how diligence, determination and a willingness to learn from any circumstance have brought success to his door.

Engineering services company Worldbay Solution Sdn Bhd has thrived vibrantly for almost a decade now. It offers core services such as mechanical and electrical services for renewable energy, including civil engineering services, building construction, renovation, maintenance and facility management, as well as technical training. Founded in 2007 by Jamil Bakri, the ISO 9001:2008 company is now poised to be a formidable player in the renewable energy market with its capability to undertake the design, supply, installation and commission of complete Solar Hybrid Systems for local and international clients.

Jamil, the CEO of Worldbay Solution is the youngest in a family of eight children. However, he learned independence at an early age as his parents tragically passed away when he and his twin sister were 12 years old. His eldest brother, Jamaluddin Bakri who was once a Malaysian high ranking HR employee in Microsoft Asia Ltd., was instrumental in raising him and instilling in him the confidence to achieve anything that he sets his mind on. “Jamaluddin is my role model. His stellar achievements, first in Microsoft Corp and now in RHB, truly inspires me to achieve something significant in my life,” Jamil shares. Another brother who offers plenty advice in the family is Dato’ Ishak Bin Bakri, who studied previously in Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK) and is currently serving as a judge. As a brother who practices law personally and professionally, he always reminds Jamil to practice good business etiquette and abide by the rules and regulations of business transactions.

He began his entrepreneurial journey upon graduating from University Technologi Mara (UiTM) when he was 24. “I started by supplying food processing machineries and offering technical consultation to SMEs under the MARA Business Programme,” says the electrical engineering graduate, who worked as a part-time delivery crew while studying in the US. “My years as a delivery man instilled good time management habits within me and taught me that hard work is the key to achieving a good quality of life. I also learned how to manage clients’ expectations well. These are traits I carry till this day,” Jamil recalls. “I’m a testament that one can learn valuable lessons in any job, no matter how humble it is.”

Worldbay Solution has achieved contracts worth RM25 million this year, a 250% increase from 2015 figures. The company has also achieved significant milestones in its signing of a transfer of technology and collaboration agreement with Korean-based Hanyoung Gas Technology Co Ltd in the setting up of a Biogas Upgrading System Technology, and also entering into a Memorandum of Understanding in New York City, USA for the exclusive distribution of renewal energy products for education and awareness programmes. Over the years, it has garnered industry recognition and accolades including the SME100 Awards 2013/2014 by Business Media International, Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2015 Malaysia under the Most Promising Category, and most recently the BIZZ 2016 Business Excellence by World Confederation of Businesses.

These achievements only serve to fuel Jamil’s passion for business expansion, especially in the green technology arena. His face lights up every time when he speaks about renewable energy and that with a remarkable sense of conviction too. “One of my proudest achievements is pioneering the Solar Hybrid project for rural schools in Sabah as the project has raised the quality of life for the community there, the rural students in particular. We were responsible for the design and installation works of solar hybrid systems for the renewable energy project,” Jamil explains. In late 2015, he became a director in a green initiative called Worldwide Green Berhad, an organisation committed to realising the needs of green technology for the country. “The urgency and importance of creating awareness and spearheading green technology initiatives can no longer be denied. The time to act is now, to ensure a better future for our children,” he emphasises.

Moving forward, Jamil reveals that he intends to take Worldbay Solution beyond local borders. Plans already in the pipeline include new projects in Istanbul and Oman, as well as partnerships with ASEAN corporations. “We will continue to strive to be the ‘world’s leader in knowledge, technology and innovation through excellent quality products and services’, in line with our mission and vision,” says Jamil. “With the advent of borderless marketing, the world is our oyster. Amid the challenging economic climate, opportunities are still plentiful. I believe that with the right mind-set coupled with hard work, Worldbay Solution will achieve its goals successfully.”


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