The unique proposition of merging traditional Chinese medical practices with Western technologies defines the success story of Dr Jenny Goh. Trained as a beauty therapist and based on her steadfast track record in quality services and close rapport with customers, it was not long before she was sought out for the management of a new beauty centre, Doux Visage. A firm believer in holistic treatments and naturopathy, Dr Goh has leveraged on the Chinese medical practices of acupuncture and traditional medicines. In a conversation with Top 10 of Malaysia, Dr Goh speaks about her entrepreneurial journey and achievements within the total body wellness industry, challenges faced and her commitment towards holistic health.

Dr Jenny Goh, a bubbling personality who strikes out in laughter every now and then epitomises the cliché about great things coming in small packages. A demure and pleasant personality ensconced within a veil of humility, it is easy to understand the rapport she has built with clients. Dr Goh takes everything in her stride despite the challenges of managing a successful total body wellness practice, Doux Visage within the highly discerning upper-middle-class suburbia of Taman Tun, the launching of a new skincare line, Dr Goh’s Restorative Formula and pursuing for her second Doctor of Medicine qualification in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). After some 17 years, the success of Doux Visage as an established total body wellness centre offering a varied range of health, slimming and beauty services for a large, discerning clientele is evidence of Dr Goh’s entrepreneurial and business development skills.

“The two significant milestones of Doux Visage are its unique proposition in the merging of Western technologies with TCM.”

Born and raised in a middle-class Petaling Jaya (PJ) family, Dr Goh later moved to Sri Petaling Kuala Lumpur. Dr Goh’s first recollections of providing services was while working in her father’s restaurant at Sri Petaling. “My father owned a well-known restaurant in Sri Petaling and I helped out since the age of eight,” recollects Dr Goh. Her career ambitions of joining the medical field had to be put aside due to academic streaming. “I left it in my parents’ hands as to my future career choices and they decided on beauty school,” muses Dr Goh.

With a beauty school diploma in hand and six years of working experience, the freedom to be independent materialised from client recommendations. An accidental entrepreneur, Dr Goh’s career path has been strewn with opportunities that came knocking ferociously in terms of recommendations, repeated requests and specialisation in new health and beauty treatments. “I never intended to be anything other than a beauty therapist,” laughs Dr Goh. “One of my former clients was impressed with my work and offered me a management position for his new beauty centre, Doux Visage. It was too good an offer to pass and despite not knowing anything about managing a business, I took up the challenge.”

Doux Visage, interpreted as clear and smooth skin, has since expanded from a three-bed third-floor beauty salon to two adjoining shop-lots offering whole-body treatment services. The high-level of professionalism in skills and knowledge that ensures stellar services have become a signature brand of Dr Goh and Doux Visage.

The two significant milestones of Doux Visage are its unique proposition in the merging of Western technologies with TCM and the launching of the signature brand cosmeceuticals – Dr Goh. “Our services are a blend of Eastern practices supported by Western technologies,” says Dr Goh. “Based on what I have learnt at Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine on phytohormone treatment, we have successfully combined acupuncture with plant-based treatments and in the near future we hope to be able to include TCM which is a controlled item.” The massage and facial services, incorporating Eastern and Western techniques, complete the package of offered services.

The company’s vision of an established total body wellness centre that cares for the wellbeing of its customers is evident based on the continuing expansion in clientele. Doux Visage’s tagline ‘Your satisfaction is our assurance’ aptly illustrates the priority on customer services.

“My clients are part of the company as many of them have been coming since the start of Doux Visage, and quite a number have brought their friends, relatives and now children. It has become a generational fad with mothers and daughters walking in based on the trust in our services,” explains Dr Goh proudly. “There are also those who are seeking alternative treatments especially after having tried Western treatments.”

Doux Visage’s success is attributed to a supportive business partner backed by equally supportive clientele. “My business partner has guided me as a mentor with much-needed advice and suggestions in overcoming hurdles and moving forward,” says Dr Goh, “and secondly, my clients give me confidence through feedback, advice and recommendations for service improvement and exploring new ideas.”

An obvious feather in her cap is the launch of the Dr Goh’s Restorative Formula cosmeceuticals in early January 2019. The problems faced in inconsistent product supplies and quality prompted the creation of Dr Goh. Almost like a personal pet project, Dr Goh has been involved from ideation to retailing of the plant-based skincare products. “Being a hands-on person, I have been involved in every step of the creation of Dr Goh cosmeceuticals,” says Dr Goh, “Even though it meant intensive testing and quite a bit of travelling to Korea where the products are manufactured, it has been worth it as Dr Goh is my signature brand.”

The two most prominent challenges faced are the integration of acupuncture with Western technologies and bespoke services for customers. “As pioneers, we have successfully overcome the challenges of merging East-West services and technologies,” explains Dr Goh proudly. “As for bespoke services, I check the physical and psychological state of each patient before recommending customised packages. This can be challenging as all customers are different.”

“I left it in my parents’ hands as to my future career choices and they decided on beauty school.”

The challenges of being up-to-date within a highly dynamic service industry have compelled Dr Goh towards further education. “One reason I am working on my second Doctor of Medicine qualification to possess an in-depth understanding of TCM practices. My professors have acknowledged the value of my research which will be presented to the Chinese government.”

A hands-on approach is used to train employees due to the importance of a close and personal rapport with customers. “I lead by example by demonstrating the quality of expected services to my employees who are trained acupuncturists and beauty consultants,” says Dr Goh. “Turnover of staff has been minimal.” However, with further expansion and specialisation of services, Dr Goh admits to the limitations of a one-man show. “I am now learning to delegate my work.”

In terms of inspiration and long-term vision, Dr Goh opines, “Seeing my customers getting healthier and better looking after Doux Visage treatments inspire me to further my education. It helps in staff mentoring and knowledge application for the improvement of my customers’ wellbeing. I want to leave a legacy behind for future acupuncturists and aestheticians who will benefit from the knowledge underpinning my treatments.”

“In my view, my greatest achievements are being able to get a Doctor of Medicine qualification from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine and the number of patients whom I have treated successfully at Doux Visage,” says Dr Goh impishly with a laugh, “And hopefully I will be able to continue doing research indefinitely.” Dr Goh has won numerous awards for entrepreneurship, the latest two being the Star Outstanding Business Award (2016) and a special mention for the Star Outstanding Business Award (2017) for female entrepreneurs.

Her advice for young people intending to make a career in business is to be focused and continue life-long learning. Dr Goh believes that while it is important to look forward, the past should not be ignored. The prevalent youth culture of immediate gratification has to be tempered with patience especially when dealing with the older non-internet savvy generation as filial piety still rules.


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