Point of Sale (POS) Systems assist businesses in completing retail transactions at any time and venue. Customers will make payment for goods and services offered by a restaurant, retail store or any other company through the system. Here, Top 10 of Malaysia shares its list of point of sale systems that are used by the highest number of businesses in Malaysia and also overseas. These systems are used by thousands to a few hundred thousand businesses worldwide. 


IRS Software 

Polak Chaw

Led by Polak Chaw, IRS Software is a business software development company in Malaysia that was established in 2002. It has 30,000 clients and 100 dealers in Malaysia. The company’s comprehensive yet affordable solution – cloud accounting, cloud pos, warehouse management system and F&B system, e-marketplace app is designed to meet the needs of a variety of businesses in a multitude of industries such as retail and wholesale, food and beverage etc.



sale pos systems
Alex Leong Yee Rock
sale pos systems
Patrick Au Sek Howe

POSERVA is a fourth generation Point of Sales System (POS 4.0) integrated with Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology that aims to connect F&B raw materials, F&B equipment, restaurant devices, customer behaviours and customer experience. It is built on top of IoT framework for big data sales analytics and shop performance optimisation powered by artificial intelligence rooted on cloud computing technology. It is funded and developed by BigCow Software Team of Vyrox International Sdn Bhd  which was founded by Alex Leong Yee Rock and Patrick Au Sek Howe. Vyrox specialises in IoT-based Smart Home Automation since 2009 and powers many residential property development projects in Malaysia, including I-City by I-Berhad, Straits Residences by Kerjaya Prospek Group Berhad, Gravit8 by Mitraland Group and Aira Residence by Selangor Properties Berhad.


Red Zone Solution

Red Zone Solution is company that provides sales, services, support and training on point of sales software, accounting software, payroll software, point of sale hardware and barcode equipment. The company provides services to various industries such as trading & wholesales, retail store, food & beverage restaurants, accountant firms, manufacturers and warehouses. Red Zone has clients from over 210,000 companies. 

Auto Count

sale pos systems
Choo Yan Tiee

Auto Count possess more than 25 years of software development experience. Its main business is to develop and provide high quality accounting software, point of sale systems as well as other business applications to small and medium sized enterprises. As of today, AutoCount Accounting, AutoCount Point of Sale and AutoCount Payroll have been the preferred choices of most SMEs in Malaysia and its surrounding countries. More than 200,000 companies and 600,000 users of various industries/sectors are supported by 300 authorised dealers in the regions respectively. It has a branch in Singapore.



Founded by Chan Kee Siak, Frost Chen and Alan Kok, EasyStore was established in 2013 and it has over 30 employees with clients comprising of over 40,000 brands. It provides point of sales services and services for its clients to sell on Shopee, Lazada, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Live and Wholesale Portals. 


Focus Softnet

Focus Softnet provides smart ERP solutions for enterprises and SMEs across the APAC region, especially for businesses in Singapore and Malaysia. Established in 1992, Focus Softnet assists businesses in achieving digital automation. Focus Softnet operates in 17 countries from 27 offices across the globe. The company provides point of sales systems such as Focus POS, a highly capable VAT POS software. The cloud-based retail management software includes all of the key features to manage and operate single and multi-location stores.



Led by Wilson Lee, Eat365 is an intuitive iPad-based point of sale system designed to help global businesses thrive and excel. The company analyses the conditions for success and offers a one-platform solution that allows its customers to better attain that success. Its point of sale system has garnered numerous awards. Eat365 has customers in 19 countries. 



StoreHub is a company that provides an operating system for omnichannel retail and F&B businesses. It provides more than 13,000 businesses across Southeast Asia with cloud-based point of sale systems, an ecommerce platform, QR-powered loyalty programmes and QR table ordering. StoreHub is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with offices in the Philippines, Thailand and China. It has customers in more than 15 countries and is trusted by over 15,000 businesses globally. Among its point of sale system services are retail POS, boutique POS, franchise POS, service POS, vape store POS, food truck POS and Quickserve POS. 



Dinesoft provides its point of sales system called DinePOS. The company is a point of sales solutions company that provides services for multi-channel restaurants such as food and beverages outlets and retail businesses. DinePOS assists in streamlining operations, improving the quality of service and handling more customers per hour. DinePOS was developed by top engineers from Singapore and Germany. It is used by more than 600 restaurants in Malaysia, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar. DinePOS has achieved over 10,800 installations and 7,800 customers as it is capable of handling over a million transactions. 



Founded by Sean Hsu, Ichef’s point of sale systems are used by over 8,000 F&B outlets. The company works with hundreds of restaurants owners to design and deliver point of sale technology and services to restaurants. Ichef’s services is used by 10,000 food businesses in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 


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