In the 21st century, fashion styles are bold and daring. The way one dresses will certainly reflect one’s personality and beliefs. In this issue, Top 10 of Malaysia shares its list of the top ten most inspiring Malaysian personalities (presented in random order) from different industries who have taken the fashion scene by storm. These personalities have been featured in various fashion magazines, fashion shows and has thousands to millions of followers on social media. 


Fyza Kadir

Fyza Kadir obtained a diploma from Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) in fashion and textile and was the best student in MIA Creative Art Works. After graduation in 2009, she worked as a junior fashion designer in a fashion boutique in Kuala Lumpur. In 2010 she had an offer to become an actress and starred in a few movies under MIG Productions. She retired from her acting career after she got married in 2013 and started her high brand influencer career on Instagram by doing postings in promoting beauty, fashion and lifestyles. She was invited as a Malaysian Influencer to New York Fashion Week for Michael Kors, Tory Burch and Kate Spade. Since 2018, she has been collaborating with many beauty and high fashion brands. She was one of 2018 SK-II’s beauty circle, a beauty influencer for Dior and the Face of Shiseido in 2019. 


Scha Alyahya

Scha Alyahya is a Malaysian model, actress and TV host. She landed her first role as an actress in the movie, Antoo Fighter, directed by Azizi Chunk Adnan. She also acted in other movies such as Libas (2011), Aku Bukan Tomboy (2011) and Awan Dania: The Movie (2013) and Bikin Filem (2020). Known as one of Malaysia’s most stylish women, Scha’s personal style is chic and comfortable and she has been featured in various fashion magazines as a style icon that inspired many in the areas of fashion. 



Yuna is a Malaysian singer-songwriter who is also a style icon. Her sense of style is edgy but comfortable. Her signature style is her turban and being a trendsetter, she has inspired many young girls to dress like her. As a music cum fashion icon, she collaborated with designer Hatta Dolmat for a fun, floral collection that featured a line of clothing such as pretty kimono cardigans, loose silhouettes and palazzo pants. Yuna also collaborated with another local brand called LosraVelda and the collaboration is titled Yuna For LosraVelda, which produces a line of colourful, pastel scarves that come in a variety of designs. 


Marion Caunter

This Portugese-English-Chinese Malaysian beauty is no stranger to the camera and donning fabulous outfits. Marion Caunter hosted The Biggest Loser Asia, One in a Million and E! News Asia. She dons latest designer collections from world renowned brands. Marion’s fashion sense is certainly turning heads and she was honoured by Dior with exclusive front row privileges at Paris Fashion Week. When she is not influencing her followers on Instagram with her style, Marion can be seen enjoying the company of her husband, entrepreneur SM Nasarudin SM Nasimuddin and her 3 children. 


Ezurin Khyra

Ex-model and socialite, Ezurin Khyra is known for her extravagant sense of fashion. Ezurin has a bold choice of fashion that ranges from runway to couture and this has propelled her to be a front row regular at fashion weeks. Her extravagant style is portrayed on her Instagram page. Ezurin loves fashion and is often labelled as a risk-taker and a fashion enthusiast. She is often seen and photographed at A-list parties for her extravagant eye-catching fashion style.


Yaya Zahir

Yaya Zahir is a Malaysian lawyer, broadcaster, actress, interior designer, producer, fashion icon and model. She acted in a romantic comedy series titled 3 Gadis Manis Musim Kedua (2018). Yaya is known for her unique fashion style for sneakers. Known as a style chameleon, her fashion style comprises street-cool ensembles to ultra-girly outfits. Yaya describes her style as casual but adventurous. 


Kavita Sidhu

A Malaysian actress and former beauty queen, Kavita Sidhu is also a style icon who made her fashion debut as a young model in Europe. She is known for her role in the movies, Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam 2 (2005) and Tanda Putera (2013). Her style is best described as lush bohemiam with elegance. Besides, she also has her own clothing store called KVITA in Kuala Lumpur. Her clothing line was featured during Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2017


Cherrie Liong & Evangeline Yan

Twin bloggers and influencers, Cherrie Liong and Evangeline Yan are two fashionistas who are always spotted at parties and events. The sisters have also worked with various brands and designers around the region. Cherrie’s style is monotonous, architectural yet sophisticated while Evangeline prefers street-meets-high-fashion. The twins are founders of Les Cosmetics, a brand selling matte liquid lipsticks.


Koh Li Tim

Koh Li Tim is a fashion model that could be seen dressed in either casual-cool perfection or dappered up suits at black tie affairs. He is a true style chameleon that retains a consistent aesthetic of beige, denim and earthy colours. His style appears effortless, sleek and casual. 


Datin Dian Lee

Adventurous fashionista, Datin Dian Lee is the founder of Be Urban Wellness and Clearwater Group. Her style ranges from being a red carpet belle to a Bohemian Goddess. She has experimented with feathers, statement street style to sequins and sheer panels. Besides, she is also occasionally switching up lace with silk, and trying out various cuts and silhouettes to accentuate her feminine figure. Dian is a lover of Louboutins, Dior, Chanel, and couture creations. 


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