Top 10 Inspiring Edtech Platforms in Malaysia


During the start of the pandemic, schools have been closed and learning was shifted online. Although virtual learning might not seem like a feasible choice to everyone, edtech companies have looked for ways to make learning fun and effective for students. In this issue, Top 10 of Malaysia shares its pick of the ten most inspiring edtech platforms (listed in random order) that have attracted thousands to millions of students nationwide and also internationally with their creativity and much sought-after e-learning technologies, solutions and contents.

Murali Mano

Edukate Malaysia

Led by CEO, Murali Mano, EDUKATE is an after-school online programme designed to offer primary school children a highly advance e-learning platform built for the Malaysian syllabus. EDUKATE’s Platform helps students enhance their learning experience through multimedia lessons, e-books, tests, and educational-related games. EDUKATE’s online learning platform addresses these concerns with the use of Bloom’s Taxonomy assessment to determine a child’s learning strengths and weaknesses. The child’s performance is assessed based on learning areas such as remembering, understanding, applying, analysing, creating and evaluating. EDUKATE was developed using world-class E-learning technologies used by over 25 million users worldwide.

Michael Chian & Jimmy Koay


Founded and led by two visionaries, Michael Chian and Jimmy Koay, BeED is an award-winning EdTech solution set to change the face of traditional education through its Pedagogically-Focused Integrated Ecosystem. BeED empowers educators and learners to reach their full potential by providing the best educational ecosystem through BeED LMS – Fully Customisable Learning Management System, BeED Journeys – Mobile Learning, BeED Nexus – Marketplace for Educational Content, and BeED Travels – Educational Travel Services. BeED has blazed a path through the EdTech sector, not just in Malaysia, but also across the world. It is the first Asian company to graduate from Helsinki-based xEdu, Europe’s leading business accelerator for EdTech Startups. BeED has also garnered numerous local & international awards and recognitions, including the Amazon AWS Qualified Software Certification, Winner of the Malaysian APICTA Awards and Public Vote at the GESA Scandinavia Awards. BeED now boasts numerous active users from different parts of the world including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China.  

Mazlita Mat Hassan


RECQA was established by CEO, Mazlita Mat Hassan. It is an Edtech startup platform based in Kuala Lumpur for learners, educators and administrators to learn, communicate, collaborate and build a learning community. The platform is similar to a social intranet for a learning community and act as a gateway to all-important apps, recommended learning path and personalised information. RECQA is currently serving more than 42,000 users from 10 learning communities in Malaysia including teachers of the Ministry of Education, where RECQA is being used as a crowdsourced knowledge centre for teachers to share their teaching materials with other teachers. RECQA is also the base platform for a digital learning initiative by UNICEF Malaysia called the World School Project for children and teachers of marginalised communities such as the stateless and children in detention, where free content and micro-credential programmes are offered as an initiative to upskill and empower these communities.

Yeoh Pei Lou


Led by Executive Director Yeoh Pei Lou, FrogAsia is a multi-award winning edtech platform started as the first in the world to connect an entire nation through a single, cloud-based learning platform. It has since broadened its work in transforming education through technology to encompass building learning communities, influencing thought-leadership, and enabling businesses to provide training and development. The platform is famous in 25 countries and is used by 25,000 schools. Frogasia has around 20,000,000 users.

Lim Een Hong

Eduspec Holdings

Eduspec Holdings is led by its CEO and Executive Director, Lim Een Hong. It has been at the forefront in providing integrated education services involving innovation and education technology for schools since 1984. Eduspec’s services range from providing consultancy, building teaching capacity, deploying information technology systems in schools to offering various online and blended-learning education programmes. Its programmes incorporate the 21st century competencies, teaching with technology and project-based learning. The edtech platform has progressively expanded to Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar. Eduspec is now one of the top K-12 IT education providers in Asia with 3,000,000 students certified from its programmes. It also partnered with 20,000 schools.

Adam Brimo

Open Learning Malaysia

OpenLearning Malaysia is headed by its CEO Adam Brimo. It is an online learning platform that goes beyond content delivery to focus on community, connectedness and learner engagement. The OpenLearning platform is the first of its kind with fun, empowering and social learning experience at the heart of its design. Open Learning provides course creators with the tools they need to create a learning community and not just an online course. The platform provides built-in galleries, wikis and blog pages to feature work and also encourage collaboration and peer feedback. Educators are supported by a community of OpenLearning educators and are provided with training courses and ongoing support to ensure they have the tools to build the best experiences possible for their learners. Open Learning has over 10,000 courses and more than 2 million students.


myGuru is an award-winning digital learning platform developed by Learning Port Sdn Bhd. Established in 2013 by Dato’ Idrus Mohd Satha, myGuru offers rich learning resources with visual displays that are highly effective in learning. It also provides guidance for tutors and support for coaches for Year 1 to Form 5 students. With a total of 500,000 registered students, myGuru has become one of the most popular learning platforms in Malaysia.

Akmal Akhpah, Suhaimi Ramly (middle) & Khairul Anwar


Founded by Khairul Anwar, Akmal Akhpah and Suhaimi Ramly, Pandai is an award-winning learning app that aids students to achieve better grades in school through learning methods such as game-like quizzes, tests, exams, notes and videos. It provides practice questions to help students learn and build conceptual understanding of major school subjects in the National Curriculum. The questions provided to students are categorised based on different ranges of thinking skills and difficulty in order to cater to all levels of progress. Gamification elements are integrated to motivate and engage students to self-study by using the app. Pandai has close to 400,000 users and some 850,000 quality contents.

Asia E-University

Asia E-University (AeU) was established by Professor Dato’ Dr. Ansary Ahmed. AeU is one of the leading Open and Distance Learning (ODL) universities in Malaysia, and one of the premier ODL institutions in Asia. Every programme offered could be studied from anywhere in the world. Students could study on their own and at their own pace, with or without attending classes. Its cutting-edge Learning Management System, Digital Library, video recorded and live-stream lectures and mobile app enables its students to attain higher education with greater ease while balancing personal, work and family commitments. AeU has some 30,000 students and 20,000 alumni from 80 countries.

Eer Kai Song


Founded by Eer Kai Song and Vicky Tan, GuruLab is an educational app where teachers have been focused in teaching English to over 10,000 students from public and private schools nationwide. Due to its growing popularity, it has been featured in numerous news and media publications. GuruLab’s teachers are specially selected and they are either PT3 or SPM markers or are alumni of Oxford, Cambridge and other top tier universities.


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