The Excellence Of A DNA Repair Scientist Boosting The Quality Of Life


Having a great and uncommon interest in the study of DNA repair puts Dr GK Kogelen Govvin on a hopeful path to unlocking the mysteries behind DNA properties and cellular aging. Recently Top 10 of Malaysia gets to speak with this outstanding scientist in the medical world and gained a refreshing isnight into the scientific breakthrough in the healthcare industry.

Not only is Dr GK Kogelen the Chief Regional DNA Repair Scientist heading Aaride International Inc’s DNA Repair/ Anti-Aging & Disease Prevention Division, he is also the very first Asian to have been appointed as the Deputy Chairman of the AIHP Disease Prevention Programme Worldwide. He aims to unlock the mysteries behind DNA properties & cellular aging, placing a major emphasis in prevention of essential polypeptide depletion and DNA Deterioration due to “human gene switch syndrome” towards rapid DNA damage leading to deadly diseases and cancerous tumour formations.

In 1981, British MENSA in Wolverhampton, England under the leadership of Prof Victor Serebriakoff accredited and certified Dr G. Kogelen to have an IQ of 180 on the Cattel Scale.

His father, Govindasamy Perumal, was deeply involved in plant tissue culture and his mother, Parvathy was a homemaker. He is the second of four siblings and at a very young age showed a tremendous interest in science and grew up being a very curious child.

During his younger days, he was very close to his father and spent long hours in his father’s latex rubber plantation.  His father’s job was improving the latex rubber plant genetic clone by way of tissue cultures.

“I was very attached to my father and started following him to work when I was just five years old. There I used to witness the then contemporary cellular tissue culture methods to improvise the genetic constituent of tropical rain forest plants.  My father once stated that he believed that I could have developed his inquisitive capacity from those childhood days,” he explains.

When Dr Kogelen was 21 years old he wanted to specialise in mirror isomers or Cis-Trans isomers which is the study of separating the arrangement of molecular structures in terms of atomic arrangements.  But after turning 29 he changed his mind and decided he wanted to specialise in the field of DNA Repair studies instead.

“My parents have been very supportive of my career path even though I had to spend more time and money on academic research and it also took longer for me to settle into permanent employment,” he shares

He completed his primary education at Sultan Ibrahim Primary School Kedah and Bukit Baru Primary English School in Melaka. He pursued his secondary education in St David’s Secondary Shool and completed his Malaysian Higher School Certificate (STPM) at Gajah Berang English School & Malacca High School, Bandar Hilir, Melaka. In 1984, he ventured into acquiring his undergraduate degree and obtained his BSc (hons) from Univesity Putra, Malaysia in 1987.

Following this, he pursued his post-graduate degree at Johns Alwyn Gifted University and Oxford University, United Kingdom & AGIT Gifted Institute of Technology in France. While he was in London in 1995 he was appointed as the adviser of a non-profit research organisation called Europran Aerospace Research Centre in London to design an anti-explosive aircraft fuel tank by using his fundamental invention of the formula in 1989 which focuses on increasing its surface area.

It can be quite hard to understand what exactly Dr G. Kogelen’s expertise entail –most people with no scientific background call him an anti aging scientist. But in actual fact he is a DNA Repair Scientist who specialise in a broader perspective of DNA repair & the causes of DNA damage in working towards mitigating the extent of cell degeneration. Among the subset of DNA Repair is prevention of drastic aging, prevention of cancer, rejuvenation of internal organs and etc.

In 1996 he was assigned as, Consultant DNA Repair Scientist and in 1997 he was appointed, Chief DNA Repair Scientist to head the DNA Repair Division at Aaride International Inc.

In that same year he also made a contribution to the UK Biomedical Research Centre, the importance of cyclic peptides in the natural DNA functions and mitigation of corrupted DNA or external factors which agitate human DNA leading to abnormal mutation and damage to the telomeres in the chromosomes.

The mathematical formula invented by Dr G.Kogelen in 1989 can be utilized as a fundamental basis to suit numerous situations in DNA micro analysis in the field of molecular medicine and micro-nano engineering and nano-robotics, which are going to be the future solutions to the global environmental disasters, mitigation and reduction of side effect from drugs like cancer medication, mitigate dangers of using and consuming genetically modified food and materials used today.

Dr G.Kogelen’s formula was then used by the team who designed Aaridtechz Solar Panels a company which highlighted the importance of calculating and quantifying the usage of Infra Red Rays, Ultra Violet A & Ultra Violet B Rays coupled with total natural oxygen production ratio. The total estimated leaf area which is proportional to the photosynthesis which leads to high efficiency conversion of solar energy into essential nutrients and most of all the total Oxygen production.

“Of course there were many hurdles and trials in the journey of my career advancement however with God’s grace and strong determination and hard work paved the foundation by way of great people who came out of their way to support my struggle both financially and emotionally. I will always be grateful to them,” he shares.

Dr G. Koegelen also believes that most important thing in life is to respect the elderly and always be humble to those around, to accept the gift of knowledge and every success that follows with humility and to always treat everyone in the same manner regardless of their financial standing.

“With regard to the philosophy about life which I learnt through my exposure when my team interviews the potential members of Aaride VVIP and Royal Anti-Aging Club members together with their family medical consultants. I have seen some of the most powerful people, country leaders, rulers and top celebrities with unlimited financial strength become so vulnerable when they know the fact that their medical conditions confirm that their days are numbered due to an irreversible ailment.” he explains.

Based on the above experience he has realised that the ultimate destiny of life is controlled by a higher power. DNA repair may delay the onset of deadly ailments but the rest is up to fate.

On the other hand, Dr G. Kogelen enjoys working towards gaining as much knowledge and new technology, which can improve the quality of life and its surroundings.

“I always thought what a beautiful life it would be if we can prevent cancer among us especially the children who succumb to various kinds of cancers because they are unintentionally exposed to inhalation of toxins, radioactive materials, electromagnetic waves from high tension cables, frequent exposure to carcinogenic food, which damages the DNA  and initiates DNA mutation or DNA translocation,” he states.

He believes educating parents on certain facts, such as, the negative effects of being exposed to frequent electromagnetic waves, microwave, high tension cables, high powered computer mainframes, telecommunication antennas, second hand smoke inhalation, inhalation of toxin benzene rings from petroleum products and excessive carbon monoxide emissions, perhaps we too can reduce the number of child cancer cases and adult cancer cases alike.

So what’s next on the agenda for Dr G.Kogelen? He plans on setting up a Regional Centre of Excellence in the field of DNA Repair, Early Detection & Disease Prevention field, by putting strong emphasis into evidence based molecular medicine.

“I have more or less achieved our regional goal’s, where we are already negotiating with a few higher learning institutes in Bali to set up our Asean Branch Clinical Centre.  Two years ago I was appointed as the Deputy Chairman of AIHP Disease Prevention Programme Worldwide, a nonprofit programme fully sponsored by Aaride International Inc. During the hard times, there are instances when a few other AIHP Disease Prevention Programme office bearers and myself had to fork out our own funds in the process of donating AGT-1 Liquid and other AGT-1 disease prevention products to some of the deadly infectious disease struck third world countries”, he explains.

Being part of such a noble cause was an extremely gratifying experience.  Another instance which reciprocated our efforts was after receiving   a letter from the Namibian Government acknowledging their gratitude towards our supplies of AGT-1 Disease Prevention products to their country.”

To Dr G. Kogelen success is not necessarily an accomplishment or an attainment of wealth, power, fame and position, but about being stress free even when at your worse. Remember that when you are always worried and stressful DNA will be agitated and irreversible.  DNA damage will occur and initiate serious ailments. The main part of success is the point where one attains ultimate happiness while helping the world to function harmoniously. The other part of success is job satisfaction.

“Choose a job that you like and if you can’t do that then develop a liking to your current job and you will be able to eradicate the element of stress,” he adds.


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