Petronas Lubricants Pilots Asia Industrial Summit For Construction Industry Players


The global pandemic has accelerated the growth of the fourth industrial revolution as advanced manufacturing technologies prove even more necessary for construction industry players to remain competitive during this time. In fact, automation and the incorporation of technologies into manufacturing is the way forward to remain competitive and sustainable.

As such, PETRONAS Lubricants International, the global lubricants manufacturing and marketing arm of PETRONAS is organising the first-ever Asia Industrial Summit to share the latest innovations and technologies in the field of construction. The event will be held virtually on 21 September at 1.30pm, and seeks to benefit industrial players and industry experts, including industrial suppliers, dealers and consumers. Topics to be covered include production efficiency solutions, cost management and profitability whilst exploring trends and market appeals. 

“Our idea about Asia Industrial Summit is a long-term engagement with our customers that would continuously adventure through multiple business segments and building network across each segment. We’re bringing together the best minds to empower others with this shared knowledge, as we seek to strengthen the understanding of players within the industry. In the B2B market, Asia Industrial Summit series will open a corridor to information and connect people,” commented Giuseppe Pedretti, Regional Managing Director Asia, PETRONAS Lubricants International. 

The event will also feature external specialists from original equipment manufacturers to share the latest and best-in-class practices, new technologies and methods that work for them. On top of that, the speakers will also be sharing valuable case studies based on real-world proof of performance that have delivered tangible results. 

Rajeev Verma, APAC Regional Head of Technical Service, PETRONAS Lubricants International will be joined by fellow speaker, Teo Yibin, a product application specialist from Caterpillar Asia. Teo Yibin will share technological advancements pertaining to excavators which help reduce their owning and operating costs. On top of that, Low Sze Han, Beyond Road Leader for Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei from Michelin Tires will also be sharing its state-of-the-art technology on tyres.

Spanning the different areas of the industry, from productivity and maintenance to addressing the new environmental challenges, the 75-minute summit also provides an opportunity for industry peers to broaden their network and to get acquainted with peers and specialists from around the world.

Get ready for the Asia Industrial Summit and register at no later than September 17th 2021.

Source: Petronas Lubricant International


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