Malaysia’s Top 10 Bridal Houses


While bridal houses do take care of the wedding photography, gown selections, hairdo, makeup and jewelleries for couples preparing for their big day, there is more to these. They also need to provide the much needed guidance, advice and assistance for a memorable dream wedding. Here, Top 10 of Malaysia shares its list of top notch bridal houses in Malaysia that have excelled in creating fantastic wedding events with their professionalism, passion and creativity.


Tan Ikaxa Enya Mareine Wedding Gallery Sdn Bhd
Tan Ikaxa

Enya Mareine Wedding Gallery Sdn Bhd

Enya Mareine Wedding Gallery Sdn Bhd was founded by Tan Ikaxa in 2010. Being one of the biggest, most-awarded and sought-after bridal houses in Malaysia, Enya Mareine offers its services of wedding and bridal consultations, professional make-up, customized designer gowns, pre-wedding photography. Among the awards won by the bridal house are The International Corporate Award: International Product & Service, Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Award and Asia Pacific Honesty Keris Award 2013.

The directors of Armadale Photography, Joanne Lew, Liew Szet Foong, and Jasmine Hue
Joanne Lew, Liew Szet Foong, Jasmine Hue

Armadale Weddings

The directors of Armadale Weddings, Joanne Lew, Liew Szet Foong, and Jasmine Hue took over this contemporary bridal house some ten years ago. Over the years, Armadale has made the tasks of wedding preparation fun and enjoyable as its staffs are professional, passionate and set their clients’ satisfaction and wishes as their main priority. Among the services it provides are premium gown selection, pre-wedding and wedding day photography, behind-the-scene cinematography and even wedding day documentation.

Founder Venus Bridal Selection, Deric Wan Kin Tong
Deric Wan Kin Tong

Venus Bridal Selection

Founded by Deric Wan Kin Tong, Venus Bridal is based in Johor Bahru and has been one of the most favoured bridal houses among Malaysians and Singaporeans. Established in 2004, this professional bridal house ensures that their clients’ dream wedding become a reality. Venus has also garnered worldwide exposure and received awards such as Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) and Asia Wedding Photographers Association (Asia WPA). Recently, it also represented Malaysia in the World Photographic Cup 2018. Meanwhile, it also has 15 backdrops and settings which include a sophisticated vintage whiskey bar and a whimsical rose garden and premium selection of bridal gowns, professional photography and videography.       


East Chin
East Chin


Led by East Chin, the company’s name, Precious applies to the meaning that every customer is precious to this company. Not only possessing one of the most extensive wedding gown collections, which includes locally and internationally designed gowns, Precious also provides its clients selections of jewelleries and wedding accessories. Its natural photography style has been the most sought-after among clients. Precious was awarded the Wedaward (International Wedding Photography Award) as one of Top 30 wedding photographers from around the globe for year 2016 and 2017. Besides, it has also been a go-to bridal house for celebrities and television personalities due to its selection of glamorous gala dresses and ideal photography shoots.

Steven Lee
Steven Lee


Red Bliss Bridal

Founded by Steven Lee, Red Bliss Bridal is one of the most professional and established high-end bridal houses in Malaysia. With more than a decade of experience in wedding planning, this famous story-telling wedding studio provides exclusively designed gowns and indoor photography with various interesting backdrops which is top notch for clients. Besides, its founder has also been on Astro for exclusive interviews and is also the Chairman of the Selangor & Kuala Lumpur Wedding Profession Association.

Kelvin Chin
Kelvin Chin


Touch Wedding Studio

Touch Wedding Studio was founded by Kelvin Chin, a Malaysian photographer who is enthusiastic in taking bridal photos. Having over ten years of experience, Touch Wedding has been planning and providing pre-wedding photo shoots services to its clients to enable couples to have enjoyable memorable moments of their weddings through their wedding pictures, besides it also provides a selection of beautiful wedding dresses and attractive suits.

Joie Khor
Joie Khor

Joie*Z Bridal Gallery   

Founded by Joie Khor in 2010, Joie*Z Bridal Gallery comprises a team of young and passionate photographers, makeup artists, gown designers and a graphic designer. Its passion in photography and art has made Joie*Z into one of the best bridal houses in Malaysia as it provides the latest wedding trends and bride preferences. Among the services provided are pre-wedding planning, bridal makeup and hairdo, gown rental, wedding day photography and videography.


Anovia Bridal founded by Agnne Lee
Agnne Lee

Anovia Bridal  

The locally and internationally well-known Anovia Bridal was established in 2011 and founded by Agnne Lee, a multi-talented lady who is a wedding gown designer, wedding planner, sales person, bridal house supervisor and also a bridal house manager. She is also the founder of Obsidian, France and Taipei Bridal Palace. Anovia is also the bridal house chosen by famous badminton player, Dato’ Lee Chong Wei when he married his sweetheart, Datin Wong Mew Choo. It is located in a heritage mansion with a beautiful garden surrounded by angelic sculptures. Anovia also has a celestial wedding chapel for couples to conduct their marriages. Among the awards won by Anovia are the INpenang Awards 2017 and the Recognising Outstanding Penang People & Organisations Award.

Benson Yin and Alexis Ng
Benson Yin and Alexis Ng

Two of Us Signature Studio

Founded by Benson Yin and Alexis Ng, Two of Us Signature Studio is an exclusive bridal gallery which comprises professional award-winning international photographers, cinematographers, an art director, stylists and a fashion consultant. Among its services provided are overseas and local destination pre- wedding photography, actual wedding day photography and cinematography, commercial and event photography, various portraits which include maternity, family, baby and personal pictures plus the provision and rental of tailor-made wedding gowns.

Cheryl Wong
Cheryl Wong
Diane Lee
Diane Lee



MOCO is operated by Cheryl Wong and Diane Lee and is located in Icon City, Petaling Jaya. This bridal house specialises in lifestyle photography services for family, expecting mothers, newborn as well as different kinds of personal portraits. Other than that, it also specialises in contemporary, modern pre-wedding photography and also wedding day photography. Moco also has a wide range of bridal gowns and evening dresses that are timeless and graceful.


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