The beauty and wellness industry have been expanding worldwide to cater to the modern demands and standards of the beauty market. Evelyn Chan, founder of 27 Marketing Sdn Bhd shares with Top 10 of Malaysia on how she established her company to help with her self-esteem and also her aim to provide opportunities and aid women with similar experience to earn an income through online marketing and sales.

Evelyn Chan grew up in a loving family with an elder and younger brother. “Our family chose not to overindulge us with materials things so we learned how to be sensible and practical in life,” says Chan. “However, I experienced a major drawback in life as I was someone who was unsure of myself. I suffered from low self-esteem. Somehow, the idea of establishing 27 Marketing Sdn Bhd came to me as I needed something to help with my low self-esteem.”

“Professionalism is the key that opens the door to success.”

27Group is the brainchild of Chan who selected the number “2” and “7” for her company’s name for a reason. “The numbers are symbols of transformation. The number “2” means there is still a second chance for success in life while the number “7” resembles an arrow. Besides, the number “7” also indicates that hard work and intuition will always direct a person to success,” shares Chan enthusiastically. The year 2019 marks the second year the company has been in operation and Chan is excited about the prospects of the company. “I started the company due to two principal reasons. The first reason is because I needed to gain a breakthrough for my low self-esteem problem and the second is that I have a desire to assist others who are also suffering from low self-esteem. When they join the company, we will provide training in online marketing and sales so that they could be financially independent, confident and happy.”

“Professionalism is the key that opens the door to success,” says Chan. “Our clients are attended by qualified dietitian team who provides professional advice. We have an iconic product, the LaschéX, a slimming product which focuses in achieving the body that a woman dreams of. On the other hand, we also provide the “Shine Programme”, which is a comprehensive diet and health program. In addition, 27Group is also a coaching service that enables any women to achieve success, especially in terms of online marketing and sales,” says the humble and kind, young entrepreneur who is happy and proud to be able to lend a helping hand to others who are bound by low self-esteem overcome the issue and be successful in life.

“For the young people who are looking to establish a career in the beauty and online retail industry, I would advise them to never let themselves or anyone get in the way of their success.”

Despite the success she achieved, the road Chan journeyed on to get to where she is now wasn’t always a bed of roses. “In order to maintain a certain standard, it is extremely important for me to be able to get and train individuals to meet the standard. This has been my biggest challenge at most times,” says Chan. “I believe that an entrepreneur boss has to forge a good relationship with his or her employees in order to understand their needs and wants. This would enable them to perform their best at work. Simultaneously, the boss would also need to know where to draw the line and maintain a professional distance as an employer. In this way, a culture of good work ethics will be cultivated in a company. As for me, setting a good example is the most vital aspect of my working management style,” says Chan with a smile. “Another challenge I encounter is to get the market out there to accept e-commerce marketing as a valid and potent force of retail. To date, Malaysians still believe that marketing jobs held on the internet is something unsafe and only provides one with a temporary income.”

Chan’s aim is to bring 27Group up to a higher level and make it a household name all over Asia. “It is my plan to achieve this target within the next five to ten years,” shares Chan.

Chan also believes that obstacles in life should not prevent one from achieving success. “For the young people who are looking to establish a career in the beauty and online retail industry, I would advise them to never let themselves or anyone get in the way of their success. They would need to work hard and learn as much as they could and garner knowledge which could aid them in their career growth.”


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