ERS Energy Delivers A Bottle Of Happiness To A Lucky Neighbourhood 


Malaysia’s leading solar EPCC company ERS Energy has won the hearts of the residents recently with a token delivered to the neighbourhood. The residents received a bright-orange reusable goodie bag which contained a beverage and an invitation to Taman Talk – a webinar to introduce solar energy and all its cost-saving benefits.

What was supposed to be a run-of-the-mill webinar turned out to be a surprise for the residents of Subang SS3, Petaling Jaya. The residents’ sustainable practices, from used cooking oil management to solar energy adoption, have not gone unnoticed. ERS Energy’s “bottle of happiness” was a gesture to commend the residents for their efforts in preserving the environment. 

The ESG-driven company launched the Taman Talk campaign to increase awareness on environmental preservation and solar energy adoption. “Many Malaysians may have heard of solar, but aren’t entirely sure of how it can contribute, or play a role in their lives. We aim to educate and increase awareness on solar energy amongst Malaysians,” says Pauline Teoh, ERS Energy Marketing Communication Manager.

The campaign commenced with care: the beverages were delivered contactless and the talk was conducted virtually. During the webinar, the residents were introduced to solar PV system and its benefits to both the environment and resident’s pockets.

With rave reviews from the residents in SS3, ERS Energy targets to extend this initiative to more neighbourhoods, broadening the knowledge of solar energy amongst the community. They welcome interested parties to join this effort in heightening preservation awareness.

Currently, new solar PV system adopters in Malaysians can look forward to enjoying the Net Energy Metering (NEM) Rakyat programme launched by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (KeTSA) which allows successful applicants to export solar energy back to the grid at a 1:1 offset ratio.

The programme runs till the end of 2023 or until the 100MW quota is fully allocated. “With the NEM programme, solar PV system owners can look forward to recuperating their investment in just a few years,” says Michael Leong, the Digital Marketing Manager of ERS Energy.

As one of the top three EPCC solar energy companies in Malaysia, ERS Energy has installed a total of 700MWp in solar capacity across South East Asia. Under their sustainability framework, ERS Energy is committed to emissions reduction while making the renewable energy transition an affordable one.

Source: ERS Energy Sdn Bhd via PR Newswire


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