Cyberview Obtains Development Rights To Cyberjaya Flagship Zone (CFZ) Land For Tech Hub Development


Cyberview Sdn Bhd (Cyberview), the Tech Hub Developer of Cyberjaya recently took over development rights of 453.2 acres of the Cyberjaya Flagship Zone (CFZ) land in accordance with the government mandate for the company to lead Cyberjaya’s development. The development rights of the CFZ land were previously with Setia Haruman Sdn Bhd (Setia Haruman). The companies formalised the handover after concluding all conditions precedent to the conditional Settlement Agreement entered between Cyberview and Setia Haruman were fulfilled.

The 453.2 acres of CFZ land, including ten buildings will enable Cyberview to focus on the revitalization of Cyberjaya as part of its new masterplan to position Cyberjaya as the main catalyst in driving technology and innovation for Malaysia. Cyberview will focus on the development of three technology clusters within the Cyberjaya ecosystem, including Smart Mobility, Smart Healthcare, and Digital Creative that supports the national agenda in leading the digital economy forward. The masterplan also includes initiatives to attract more investment as well as cultivate Research, Development and Commercialisation (R&D&C) in Cyberjaya. 

“It is Cyberview’s obligation as Cyberjaya’s tech hub developer to undertake not only the infrastructure for the overall development of Cyberjaya, but also to strengthen the township ecosystem in the next five years. To do this, we need to prioritise selected development plans, especially strategic initiatives to cultivate the entire value chains for smart mobility, smart healthcare, and digital creative services in Cyberjaya,” said Najib Ibrahim, Managing Director of Cyberview.

“We are confident that we will be able to carry out our efforts, now with this additional land bank, coupled with our track record in land utilisation and successful implementation of government projects. To date, around 50 per cent of our land banks are developed, while 23 per cent have been sold for further development. Obtaining the development rights will also enable us to facilitate development of new data centres, which are currently on the uptick based on interests garnered from both local and international companies.”

Ahmad Khalif, Executive Chairman of Setia Haruman Sdn Bhd (“SH”) said, “SH agrees and supports Government’s mandate for the development rights of Cyberjaya Flagship Zone to be returned to Cyberview. SH believes that Cyberview is in a better position and has the necessary resources to take Cyberjaya to greater heights. As SH still holds sizeable land bank in Cyberjaya,  we look forward to continuing our efforts to complement the development of Cyberjaya.

(Najib Ibrahim, Managing Director of Cyberview and Mr Peter Teng Heng Poh, Director of Setia Haruman After the Handover Ceremony at Cyberview Office in Cyberjaya)

This year, Cyberview unveiled its initial iteration of the development of the three technology clusters in a single location: the Collaboration Campus. It provides companies ease of access to Cyberview HQ and its subsidiary Futurise, that oversees the National Regulatory Sandbox (NRS), which aims to expedite regulatory intervention to enable commercialisation of innovation & technology solutions.

Significantly, this campus also offers physical space for the testing of autonomous vehicles (AV) via the Cyberjaya Malaysia Autonomous Vehicle (MyAV) Testing Route, which is Malaysia’s first public road testbed for AVs as well as a certified Drone Testing Zone where companies are given fast-tracked approval to conduct drone testing. The Cyberjaya 5G OpenLab located in RekaScape, is also in the vicinity. The Collaboration Campus enables companies the opportunity to scale up tech solutions, contribute to existing value chains, manage better regulatory interventions and, eventually, prepare for commercialisation. 

Cyberjaya’s collaborative innovation ecosystem also plays a big part in supporting and augmenting future tech innovations in the country and will certainly provide businesses with opportunities for expansion and growth. 

Companies can network and connect with relevant industry experts as well as access both domestic and international markets through private and public initiatives with the support of Cyberview. They have access to attractive incentives, which include tax exemptions of up to 100 per cent for 10 years, capital allowances, double deductions, and funding, as well as competitive R&D. Access is also available for all businesses to the Cyberjaya Investment & Services Centre (CISC), a one-stop centre that provides end-to-end assistance and facilitation.


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