The Made for the World (MFTW) 2022 International Awards saw another 30 award recipients among the top local entrepreneurs make a name for themselves as they achieve success in their businesses of their respective industries.

The annual programme organised by NiagaTimes in collaboration with The Malaysia Voice, highlights selected entrepreneurs not only from the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) group, but also micro businesses who stood out due to their credibility and consistency in generating income for our country’s economy.

The theme ‘A Springboard for Aspiring Entrepreneurs to Go Global’ aimed to appreciate entrepreneurs and encourage them to continue to be as successful as their peers worldwide.

A total of 30 SMEs and micro companies received the awards following their outstanding business performance in 2021. In fact, some of them have even succeeded in making Malaysian brands known globally.

Among the award recipients include PRG Legacy Sdn Bhd; Safwa Healthcare Sdn Bhd; Penerbitan Karyaseni Sdn Bhd; Hamras International Sdn Bhd; AEI Wellness Sdn Bhd; Mozacrunch International Sdn Bhd; Astaka Roadtrip & Travel (M) Sdn Bhd; Mega Jati Academy Sdn Bhd; Haura Resources Group Sdn Bhd; Laila Ideas Master Resources; Sabalan Goods Sdn Bhd; Azsara Herbs Global; FTM Management Sdn Bhd; Terang Megah Sdn Bhd (Thumb’s Malaysia) and MW Entertainment Sdn Bhd.

In addition, Leadpedia Sdn Bhd; Inder Aesthetics Sdn Bhd; Aida Syakira Entertainment; Lentera Creative Home (M) Sdn Bhd; Polyclinic I-Care Sdn Bhd; Mikaseries; BBA Food Industries; Global Castiel; Slimmewhite Sdn Bhd; Karyaseni Production Sdn Bhd; Krista Education Sdn Bhd; Shiha Zikir Empire Holdings Sdn Bhd; Nayli B Jewels and JL Fara Beauty Sdn Bhd are also among those recognised.

Awards were presented by royal guest; Tunku Hajah Mariam Zaharah binti Almarhum Sultan Iskandar (younger sister of the Sultan of Johor and the Queen).


Also present at the ceremony were Dato’ R. Rajendran, Chief Executive Officer of RHA Media and Lee Seng Chee, Chairman of CSR Malaysia.


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