E-waste has become a pressing global issue in recent years. With the rapid advancement of technology and the increasing reliance on electronic devices, the volume of discarded electronics has reached staggering levels. In a recent interview with Top 10 of Malaysia, Lingeswaran Subermaniam, the founder of Lak Macros Services Sdn Bhd talks about the remarkable journey behind his successful e-waste business. Through the company’s licensed e-waste collection services, innovative collaborations and educational initiatives, the company aims to promote a healthier environment while driving positive change. 

Growing up with two younger brothers, Lingeswaran Subermaniam is the eldest son in the family. “I pursued my studies at MMU and graduated with a Bachelor of Accounting (Honours),” says Lingeswaran. “I started my career as a junior auditor at Grant Thornton Malaysia. Later, I joined TH Heavy Engineering Berhad as a senior accounts executive. I then applied to Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd before establishing my own accounting firm called Linges & Co. Subsequently, my brother and I decided to start an e-waste business and we founded Lak Macros Services Sdn Bhd.”

Lingeswaran Subermaniam

“My brother was intrigued by the concept of e-waste and in 2021 we decided to apply for our own license in this field,” shares Lingeswaran. “Despite facing numerous challenges due to the stringent requirements, we persevered and obtained the necessary license. This allowed us to expand our operations and attract clients from government agencies and corporate entities.”

Addressing the issue of e-waste, he believes that the entire world is grappling with the challenge of waste management. “If we continue on our current path, landfills will eventually be overwhelmed by waste, leading to severe pollution. Besides focusing on commercial profit, our aim is also to educate people and promote a healthier environment,” says Lingeswaran. 

Lingeswaran had the privilege of working with two remarkable individuals from his accounting business. “We enrolled in an ESG course in Circular Economy & Sustainable Strategies with University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. Upon completion of the course, we were eager to put our newfound knowledge into action,” he says excitedly. “We also signed a collaboration agreement with Klean, a well-known brand that has its own smart AI reverse vending machine. We found innovative ways to manage waste more efficiently. We now travel extensively, engaging in the end-to-end process of utilising e-waste and ensuring its proper management.”

Lak Macros is a licensed e-waste collector that offers services such as environmental, social and governance consulting, smart AI reverse vending machine supplies and industrial filter cartridges. “Our objective is also to educate school children about responsible e-waste disposal and we will visit every school to raise awareness. To make the learning process engaging, we develop captivating storylines in videos and animations for children. By educating kids, we hope to encourage their parents to follow suit.”

“We also create awareness through videos, including platforms like TikTok and mention the importance of not simply dumping e-waste into regular garbage bins,” shares Lingeswaran. “We have also offered free talks to NGOs to educate the public on proper e-waste disposal.”

The founder has always believe in the importance of a non-hierarchical structure in his company. “I actively listen to my team’s ideas and plans because I value their growth and skill enhancement,” he says. “We send our staff to training seminars to ensure they are up to date with the latest industry developments.” 

“My brother serves as a tremendous source of inspiration for me. He ensures that tasks are carried out meticulously and efficiently,” says Lingeswaran with a smile. “Witnessing the dedication and commitment of my team to the company motivates me to work even harder. What truly drives me is the knowledge that I am making a positive impact on our country.”

Lingeswaran also states the importance of hard work and taking risks in achieving success. “The key qualities of determination and perseverance are  crucial for individuals to overcome challenges and move forward in their entrepreneurial journey,” he advises. “Do not give up under any circumstances nor allow others to exploit one’s time and knowledge.” He also stresses on the significance of having a well-thought-out business plan and financial focus before embarking on a new venture.


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