In this modern era, businesses from various industries are willing to invest in digital services that will assist them in achieving their marketing goals. Digital services companies will aid clients to upgrade and improve their services by being digitally-friendly. In this issue, Top 10 of Malaysia shares its list of inspiring Bursa Malaysia listed companies (presented in no particular order) that are involved in various forms of digital services. These companies have greatly aided Malaysian people and businesses from various sectors in enabling tasks to be carried out conveniently.           

Datasonic Group Berhad

Datasonic Group Berhad is led by Datuk Haji Hanifah Noordin and it is one of Malaysia’s largest security-based ICT solution providers that always emphasises on the provision of excellent solutions and services. Datasonic is involved in the provision of ICT solutions such as e-Passport, national e-identification cards such as MyKad, comprehensive scalable security surveillance, smart card personalisation (secure ID or chip-based credit/debit/bank cards), customisation of software and hardware solutions, project management, consultancy, R&D and technical consultancy services. The subsidiaries under Datasonic are Datasonic Technologies Sdn Bhd, Datasonic Corporation Sdn Bhd, Datasonic Smart Solutions Sdn Bhd, Datasonic Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, Datasonic Innovation Sdn Bhd, Datasonic New Zealand Limited, PT Datasonic Teknologi Indonesia, Datasonic International Sdn Bhd and Datasonic International W.L.L at Bahrain.

GHL Systems Berhad

Led by Danny Leong, GHL Systems Berhad is one of the leading payment service providers in the ASEAN region. It provides top-notch digital payment services and solutions which include mode of payments such as internet and mobile on a sale, rental or transactional basis. The company assists merchants, financial institutions, and telcos by simplifying their distribution, payment and collections needs. It has also successfully established a client base in more than 20 countries. GHL has over 1,000 employees across countries such as Malaysia Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, and Australia.

Dagang Nexchange Berhad

Led by Datuk Samsul Husin, Dagang NeXchange Berhad (DNeX) is one of the leading providers of award-winning eServices for trade facilitation. The company provides eServices for trade facilitation and IT consultancy. DNeX is also making its mark as a reputable company in the oil, gas and energy sector. DNeX is committed to serve as a technology partner for customers in their journey of digital transformation that results from digitalisation that affects various segments in the economy.

Omesti Berhad

Omesti Berhad is led by Mah Xian-Zhen and Gerard Monteiro. The company specialises in digital services such as digital court solutions (an end-to-end court management solution) corporate registry solution, HCM Cloud, accounting and inventory, video analytics, business broadband, ePayment systems, Data As-A-Service Solutions (enabling organisations to leverage and consult regarding data strategy), corporate secretarial services, payroll services, system integration and Cloud Document Management.

Grand-Flo Berhad

Led by Dato’ Yap Fook Choy, Grand-Flo Berhad has established successful data management and collaboration solutions for corporations ranging from fast moving consumer goods businesses to financial institutions, education organizations and even multinational establishments. The company has empowered businesses to manage their data efficiently. By specialising in Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC), it creates the ideal AIDC solutions for its clients’ business needs. Grand-Flo is also known for its ManageSuite solution with a comprehensive range of precision tools that has been proven to increase efficiency and minimise errors in data management. The company also has regional offices in other countries such as China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam.

Dataprep Holdings Bhd

Dataprep Holdings Bhd is led by Mohamad Sabir Mohamad Sabri and the company is an IT service provider that offers a full range of ICT services to clients from various industries such as the government, education, telecommunication and financial services and products. Among its services provided are enterprise servers, storage consolidation and virtualisation, Cloud computing enablement, data centre, network integration, ICT security solutions, product lifecycle management, customer premise equipment, ICT outsourcing services, payment solutions and services, multi-vendor support and ICT service management.

Heitech Padu Berhad

Led by Harris Ismail, Heitech Padu Berhad offers innovative and integrated ICT infrastructure solutions based on reliable and cost-effective technology. Its services include IT infrastructure solutions, system integration and application development. Besides, Heitech also focuses on areas such as our national security by inventing PintarID, an Identity Management Solution that covers the process from registration to issuance of ID documents. It is also capable of producing smart documents with the latest security features and embedded biometrics information which are fully interoperable and compliant with international standard. Meanwhile, in the area of healthcare, Heitech developed the Hospital Management System, a system that integrates all processes and transactions such as registrations and appointments under one system.

Mesiniaga Berhad

Led by Datuk Wan Mohamed Fusil Wan Mahmood, Mesiniaga Berhad is one of Malaysia’s leading ICT solutions providers and integrators. It is a multi-platform business solutions provider that provides a range of IT solutions and services which are supported by many internationally renowned technology companies. Its services provide the building blocks, management capabilities and security for any IT infrastructure. Among the products and solutions provided by Mesiniaga are Cloud computing, network services, security solutions and software development.

Theta Edge Berhad

Led by A. Shukor S.A. Karim, Theta Edge Berhad is a subsidiary of Lembaga Tabung Haji and one of Malaysia’s pioneer Information Communication and Technology service providers. Theta provides information technology solutions such as products and software implementation, telecommunication engineering services and civil works, mobility solutions, green energy consultant services such as energy management, facilities management and green technology and also system integrator services.

Digistar Corporation Berhad

Digistar Corporation Berhad is led by Mejar (K) Datuk Wira Lee Wah Chong and the company offers numerous digital services such as broadcast technology that includes television and radio broadcast system and playout and transmission automation system, information technology such as local area network and wide area network, telecommunication technology such as professional sound reinforcement system and firemen intercom system plus audio and visual technology such as manual or motorized projection screen and video or data projection system.


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