Founders (from left): Tinie, Chris Olivia Tan, Avinash Miranni and Candysabella Edward (seated)

Meet a group of consummate rule-breakers and visionaries. ARK has unmistakably stood out from the traditional fashion shows, marking a revolutionary chapter for the fashion scene in Malaysia. Refusing to remain shackled to traditionalist standards, this passionate group is looking to offer a new, inclusive and innovative experience. 

Revising the stories we’re telling each other through fashion

Making lasting changes in the fashion industry requires revising how we narrate fashion. Tinie believes, “When we can share stories and diverse representations through designs and patterns, we can connect with people. Fashion is essentially an art of communication, and the more you can connect with people, the more we see each other.” Avinash adds, “Fashion has come so far, and it’s not just about design! It’s really about freedom and creativity. We want to bring that to people’s lives. It’s your body, your life and your world. Our shows enable everyone to express themselves – how great is that?” ARK’s diverse backgrounds allow them to continuously reinvent, look outwards and be inquisitive of the cultural landscape beyond fashion. The team has remained true to its brand identity, cultivating various shows that pushed boundaries and collaborating with not-your-regular fashion players such as TRIBE Boxing and MRT (Prasarana Malaysia Berhad). 

Fashion is escapism to a dream and reality you desire

“There is an age-old saying that fashion is a reflection of the world, but with all that is going around us, we need to create a more inclusive reality that reflects everyone around us,” says Chris. ARK uses each collaboration as a platform and opportunity to highlight the craftsmanship in Malaysia. “The fashion industry in Malaysia needs a boost in receiving the attention they deserve. “Having the opportunity to collaborate with various local artists and artisanal to see what they could do—Couture is fun and a dream, but it’s irrelevant to the masses. The idea of fashion is to celebrate togetherness, be it big or small—inclusivity! .” Candy shared.

It’s time to unveil a different side of fashion

“I believe it is thoughtful to broach the subject of fashion evolution differently. We should incorporate music, art, technology, environment and many other scenes because it just reaches a wider range of people,” Candy says. Beyond the glamour and splendour, Avinash’s creative process is rooted in honesty and authenticity. Collaborating with brands since infancy, he sought a familiar face that resonated with the evolving audience. Reflecting on home, Avinash delves into its foundational elements: innocence, compassion, vibrancy, and love. The approach becomes an extension of these values, celebrating homegrown culture and vibrancy in a character-driven manner devoid of mere fashion creatives. 

A collision between fantasy, reality and practicality

ARK embarks on a creative journey with each show, using previous shows as inspiration for the next. In a captivating blend of realism and fantasy, ARK continues to push the boundaries of wearable art. Bukit Bintang was transformed into a mesmerising Raya Fashion Show called “Koleksi Raya LazLook.” Taking over the LED screens that lined the streets of Bukit Bintang, the day unfolded into a magical affair. LED screens illuminated every corner, transmuting the city into a breathtaking symphony of style which captivated all walks of onlookers. “The show proves that imagination and practicality can beautifully collide, leaving a lasting impression on all who witness their magic,” says Avinash. 

Every relationship is a milestone, and every feedback is essential for growth

The team at ARK believes constructive feedback has become a fashion-forward accessory, accentuating their growth and propelling them towards a collective goal. By delving into her research, Chris shares that she fuels feedback into improving storytelling. “The ability to merge realms of imagination and functionality based on feedback ensures voices are heard and reflected into what people wanna see. There’s also a responsibility that comes with how we communicate and what we communicate with through ARK’s shows. Allowing the audience to come in and really soak in the environment of where these ideas are coming from. To create this atmosphere and imagine where dreams are made possible,” she adds. 

We love a little whimsy, history and everything in between

“Art and history have always been rich sources of inspiration for the fashion world. Whether it’s the intricate details of a bow or the delicate allure of a pearl, the beauty lies not just in their aesthetic appeal but in their stories. Fashion, in its ever-evolving nature, reflects and shapes culture and politics. Yet, it is the liberation from historical constraints that truly propels us forward. Unravelling the archetypes and questioning their impact on women and fashion throughout time adds depth to our creative process.” says Candy. 

Change is constant, and we are ready to take charge!

Avinash shares, “We find ourselves immersed in a new era of endless possibilities. The once rigid boundaries have dissolved, allowing us to pursue our passions. We draw upon our past resilience and confidently forge ahead, instigating transformative changes to this dynamic fashion landscape.” The team at ARK teases, “Picture an electrifying kaleidoscope of vibrant images, pulsating rhythm and a cornucopia of colours gathered in one space. We are wholly committed to showcasing and uplifting the talents of promising artists.” 


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