In The Light Of Beauty


20-year old Ng Shin Ying, who was crowned Miss Malaysia Tourism 2016, sees true beauty as a combination of both internal and external beauty, with internal beauty being the priority. She says beauty is a light in the heart, and having a good heart will always shine through your face. In an interview with Top 10 of Malaysia, she talks about the important role her mom played in her life, her passion, and aspirations for the future.

Ng Shin Ying stepped out of her comfort zone and forced herself to pluck up her courage when she joined this pageant. Despite always wanting to be a beauty queen, confidence was never her forte. “I was never confident and have never seen myself as a beauty queen. However, I do believe that courage is the key to success. I was determined enough and told myself to do whatever I can to boost my confidence level,” she says.

To Shin Ying, the most rewarding part of this whole experience was making new friends. “It is amazing how quickly we bonded within a span of 2 weeks. The girls you meet become your family,” she says. “My fellow competitors became each other’s backbone and encouragement throughout the competition.”

She attributes her mother as being the most influential person in her life. Not only has her mom always been there for her no matter what, she has also taught her countless meaningful lessons and has always been guiding her towards to the right path. “She has always been mentally, physically and financially supportive of my personal development. I always feel peace at home when I am with her because my mom is the personification of love,” says Shin Ying with a sense of gratitude.

Besides her mother, she has her sister to thank for never doubting her and always being by her side. She credits her family and friends for always supporting, encouraging and giving her reassurance. Not only that, Shin Ying is also inspired by the pageant organizers, D’Touch International. “D’Touch International is always involved in corporate social responsibility activities. As Miss Malaysia Tourism 2016, I wish to spread love all over the world.”

The computer science major is passionate about information technology, and wishes to boost up Malaysia’s tourism using the power of technology. She wishes to use her power as Miss Malaysia Tourism 2016 to promote her country, Malaysia, to the rest of the world. She encourages young girls not to be afraid to be themselves, as every person shines in their own way. In Shin Ying’s own words: “Dare to dream and take that very first step without fear. Trying gives you a chance of success and not trying guarantees failures. Go for your dream!”


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