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TH3 Holdings SdnBhd is a leading IT solutions provider that is fuelled with the passion to humanize technology and ensuring that every Malaysian business gets exactly the IT solution that it needs. Associate Director Jordan Oon talks to Top 10 of Malaysia about how TH3 is able to stay ahead of the game in spite of intense competition and why he thinks the company is the best place to work in the country.

TH3 turns six this year, fortifying its position as a premier IT solutions provider focused in Humanizing Technology and making it accessible to anyone anywhere. When we humanize technology, we are looking beyond the nuts and bolts of the IT system and bringing back the focus to the most important aspect of the equation – the humans who are supposed to use those systems.

Formerly the IT arm of San Hin Group, which is founded andowned by Dato’ Sri Dr. How KokChoong, the MSC-status company has offices in KL Sentral, Kelana Jaya and Old Klang Road. The average age of staff in the company is below 30 years old. Yet the dynamic company has successfully delivered multi-million ringgit projects in over 30 industries in 7 countries with over 400,000 satisfied users. TH3 have amassed an impressive list of clients including Education Government Projects, Agape Superior Living, CIMB Bank, The Curve, CapitaLandMall Asia Limited, Iskandar Waterfront City Bhd. and PETRONAS. “We run a tight ship,” Jordan admits. “But with the strong partnership and support of Dato’ Sri Dr. How and the tireless hard work by everyone in team, we managed to get things done on time, every time.”

Internship programme is the valuable seed in TH3 education system.“By having a teachable attitude and a willingness to learn, one can overcome challenges and be successful,” he says.Jordan and his team will help every intern to set individual goals in what they want to accomplish. Once their strengths are identified, they are placed in positions where they can shine best. “It’s not uncommon to see an actuarial science graduate designing amazing websites in our company. His vision to transform TH3 into a mini Google, where every graduate wants to work at, is getting closer each day.

As for the stress of dealing with competition, Jordan doesn’t see them as competition. To him, they represent the benchmark of what we can aspire to be. “Benchmarking also gives us deeper insights to the nature of the industry that we are in and that’s a good thing. Apart from IT services, we also handle training, e-learning, digital marketing, customised solutions and government projects, and the scope continue to grow,”says capable young business leader, who clinched Asia Success Award’s Super Emerging Entrepreneur Award in 2013. Their vast and varied offerings are made possible by the highly adventurous team who is passionate in developing new, innovative and out-of-the-world ideas.

“We do make one exception though,” Jordan says gravely. “If the potential client requests for something that is not relevant to their needs, we will graciously decline the project.” He cites an example where a prospective client wanted to replace a newly installed ERP system, which reportedly ‘did not work well’. We dug deeper and discovered that there was nothing wrong the system, it was the users who did not know what to do with it! So we proposed a user training session instead and the system is no longer a white elephant. In another multi-million ringgit e-Tutor project which TH3 developed and implemented in secondary schools throughout Kedah and Perak, Jordan and his team personally trained the students to use the system, even though it was beyond their job scope. “We did it anyway at no extra charge because we saw that the teachers were not sure what to do. We strive to create value and earn trust, rather than money and fame. With value and trust, the money and fame will follow later.”

The examples above underline the importance of TH3’s tagline of ‘Humanizing Technology’, a direction that the company will still focus on in the foreseeable future. “Humanizing the workplace is a natural step forward for TH3. We want to revolutionise the Malaysian workplace and make it a place where employees are happy to work in. This will obviously lead to increased productivity and efficiency, and that’s a win-win situation all around.”

 Issue 23/2016


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