Founders and Co-Founders of Affluxury Berhad

The newly established Affluxury Berhad, a private equity-style firm in Malaysia that has set its sights on assisting entrepreneurs develop their businesses and brands through the capital mechanism concept, aspires to continue helping entrepreneurs prosper. Many entrepreneurs generally face financial constraints in their desire to do so and lack understanding of the capital mechanism approach as a springboard to develop their businesses and brands.

This is where Affluxury Berhad comes in by offering the right platform and opportunity for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by leaps and bounds through capital mechanism. The capital mechanism concept involves getting funds from investors for developing the businesses and brands. Founder of Affluxury Berhad, KL Lim said a lot of entrepreneurs are ready for the initial public offering or IPO stage, but they have no idea that they are ready for it. “For a start, they don’t even know what capital mechanism is. They have too many concerns and are hesitant to make their moves. That’s where we come into the picture by enlightening them on how to take steps in the right direction to move their business to the next level, as well as choosing the right investors for them. Basically, we address their concerns and solve their problems, help them build wealth and assist their companies to be listed on the stock markets like Bursa Malaysia,” he said.

KL Lim

Affluxury Berhad was established in June 2022.  Although it is currently welcoming some 999 members, its services are catered to its selected entrepreneurs. “We assist them by employing the capital mechanism concept in the process of unleashing the hidden value of their businesses and brands that will enable bigger and better growth. Basically, we only invest in companies that are aligned with our investment policy and criteria. Among such companies are those are IPO-ready. We will also consider and concentrate on companies that have been incubated by Dr Wong Jeh Shyan,” he added.

Dr Wong Jeh Shyan

Dr Wong Jeh Shyan, whose forte includes sophisticated financial modeling and business modelling, specializes in corporate restructuring and corporate turn-around, revenue streams development and cashflow management as well as mergers and acquisition. His strength is also evident in merger and acquisition techniques and innovative financial engineering besides his leadership in complicated cross-national boundary pilot projects, with a special focus on high risks strategic ventures.

Lim’s decision to set up Affluxury Berhad started after his friend, Dato Sri Ng Chuan Hoo introduced him to the Miracles of Capital Course. “I was impressed with how simplified the information was and how it allowed everyone to have a basic understanding of what capital mechanism is and how it works. This led me, Dato Sri Ng, Dr Wong Jeh Shyan and also Datuk Michael Kang to set up Affluxury Berhad together. They were impressed with my new business model, strategy and approach,” said Lim. The current proactive management and leadership style augurs well for the team. “We don’t wait for things to happen. We make things happen,” he shared.

Guests at the launch of Affluxury Berhad

Affluxury Berhad seeks to resolve issues that most businesses are faced so that they are free to unleash their potential and the bigger the group numbers, the better. “When more people gather, we can build greater wealth more easily. In other words, together, we can build wealth. This is our firm’s tagline,” he further explained.

Entrepreneurs who have already joined Affluxury Berhad will automatically become a shareholder. Having access and the opportunity to communicate and collaborate with some 5,000 high level entrepreneurs from all types of industries throughout the world is among the first benefits they enjoy.

Lim was also enthusiastic about the kind of euphoria one gets in the midst of like-minded entrepreneurs who share the same business vision and go the same direction to achieve the goals. “Birds of a feather flock together,” he smiled.

When asked what motivates him and his team to go further, his answer was simply because he strongly felt that they could benefit a lot of people. “It’s about creating a ripple effect. It may not be easy to allay one’s fears when it comes to dealing with business and money, but that’s what Affluxury Berhad’s existence is for – to come alongside an entrepreneur, to hold his or her hand until he or she is able to soar on his or her own, and be with each and every one of them through all of their ups and downs,” added Lim.

He further shared his secrets to success and among the best advice that he can give to entrepreneurs is to refrain from complaining about others and condemning them. “Man is the cause of all problems and solutions come from us too, so don’t point fingers. It’s definitely more productive to be objective in resolving issues.”

MOU signing with Capital Convention Bukit Bintang Sdn Bhd

Affluxury Berhad has big plans for the future which includes becoming the best in Malaysia in what it does. With a strong focus on equipping entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge in finances, business growth and other related skills to be successful, the firm looks forward to helping 99 companies to be listed on the stock markets throughout the world 10 years down the road.


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