Dynamic entrepreneur Karishma Menon, founder of Curlrinting Enterprise grew up in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The successful lass shares with Top 10 of Malaysia on how she was inspired to establish her company after realising that there are not many products in the market that are suitable for customers with curly hair. 

Karishma Menon started a social media page in 2019 after experiencing frustration in managing her curly hair. “I believed that my hair had the potential to be styled beautifully but I never had the appropriate products or knew the best way to care for my hair.”

Many people with curly hair might not appreciate their crowning glory as they might not have sufficient knowledge on how to care for their hair. “I researched on people with curly hair who are living overseas and also checked out social media. I found out that in countries such as India, United States and Brazil, people with curly hair knew how to take good care of their hair with suitable products,” says Karishma. 

“I decided to establish CURLrinting as a registered business to sell popular & effective curly hair products in Malaysia. The company sells products that provide moisture & definition for textured hair and even hair tools to complete the routine. These products do not contain alcohol, sulphates, parabens, heavy minerals and even waxes. Some of the products are even suitable for children of all ages,” says Karishma. “These products are safe to be used and there are different products for all curl types.”

Karishma Menon

CURLrinting’s products have benefited many customers with textured hair. “I received messages from people saying that they almost gave up in caring for their hair but the products greatly assisted in their hair care routine,” says Karishma with a smile. “This is the biggest encouragement for me to carry on with the business as many people with curly hair would be able to purchase suitable products for their hair without having to worry if they will experience damage.”

As there are many hair products “for curly hair” in the market, not all of them are actually suitable for curly hair. “It’s vital to always read the ingredients on products as there are ingredients that will be harsh or build-up easily on curly hair. The undesirable build-up from these products might be difficult to remove and even damage their hair,” advises Karishma.   

“My advice to youngsters who are interested to do business is to not be afraid but persevere to pursue their passion. Business is all about experiencing failure and success,” shares Karishma.


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