Bryan Adams is kicking off the year with a bang as he tours the world to promote his 13th studio album, ‘Get Up!’ The award-winning singer who turns 58 this year has sold over 65 million albums containing hits like ‘Cuts Like A Knife’ and ‘Heaven’. His more recent tracks featured on the Get Up! album include ‘Brand New Day’, ‘You Belong To Me’ and ‘Do What You Gotta Do’. During his recent visit to Malaysia, Bryan Adams speaks to Top 10 of Malaysia on his new album, the world tour and his many talents. Could you share with us a bit about yourself?

BA: High school dropout, turned singer/songwriter/photographer.

As a singer, you are well established worldwide. Could you share with us how you feel about that?

BA: It’s not something that I have dreamed about. I had only imagined myself in a band and making music, everything else just happened because of that.

How do you feel about your upcoming performance in Malaysia?

BA: Excited to be coming back, it’s been too long (1994 I think). This time we’re coming back with so much more music than the first time and I’m sure it will be a good sing along.

I understand you have a longtime working relationship with songwriter Jim Vallance, whom you’ve described as a mentor in the past. Tell us more about how this friendship was formed and the reason you continue working together to this day?

BA: We met in a music shop in 1978 and hit it off immediately, mostly from the idea of creating new music. We’re now working on something quite different, a Broadway musical. It’s an adaptation of the film, Pretty Woman.

When did you first realize that rock is the music genre for you? BA: When I heard the Beatles.

What do you think contributes to your success as a worldwide celebrity?

BA: I have absolutely no idea. I’m not interested in being a celebrity.

What are some of the highlights of your career as an international entertainer?

BA: Paying my rent was and still is the highlight of my career. I’ve had nothing and I’ve been there when I’d no idea how I’d fill the fridge or get money for public transport. Basically, music saved my life.

What were some of the most significant challenges you have faced?

BA: Nothing came overnight for me, it was all very gradual. As the songs came so did success and they appeared slowly.

Tell us more about your latest album, Get Up!, which was released in October 2015.

Was there anything in particular you were looking to highlight with the songs in this album?

BA: Well they were just the best songs I had at the time. Luckily for us, we started collaborating with Jeff Lynne producing the tracks and in no time we had an album. It was incredible.

I understand that you’re a very talented photographer too. Could you share with us how you realized your interest in photography and the experiences gained from photography projects you’ve worked on?

BA: Sure, again it all happened because of music. I’ve always carried a camera on tour with me to document what was going on and before that playing with my parents’ cameras. All of that led to my experimenting with my own album covers and making photos of friends.

What are some of your expectations for yourself and your musical style in the near future?

BA: I’ve got no expectations.

How do you achieve a balance between your professional and personal life?

BA: I spend equal amounts of time on both, so the balance is even.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement in life?

BA: Having children at a late age.

In a country like Malaysia where musicians lack support from the locals, what advice would you give to aspiring Malaysian singers?

BA: Get into software development. Music won’t pay your rent anymore.


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