Cayson Goh, the Director of SVO Group Berhad is an inspiring entrepreneur who enjoys helping and teaching others on how to be successful in setting up their own preferred business. The dynamic entrepreneur shares with Top 10 of Malaysia on his journey towards building a successful career and the joy it brings when his clients too, achieve success in their businesses.

The entrepreneurial spirit has been deeply rooted in Cayson Goh during his teenage years. “I am a firm believer that education is important,” shares Goh, who is well experienced in the world of business. “Even during my secondary school years, I took up part-time jobs in order to explore different career options and also earn some pocket money,” says Goh.

“SVO not only aims to be a local champion. My ultimate goal is to make SVO the innovative leading online business platform among Asian countries.”

It was his deep passion for cars that led him to work as a car salesperson. “I worked diligently and in just a year, I was promoted to be a manager,” Goh reminisces. “However, the thought came to me that working for someone else wasn’t something I would look forward to in the long run. Although I have a deep interest in cars and I enjoyed my job, I finally decided to venture out and start my own business in training.”

Thus, Goh established SVO Group Berhad. “I noticed that young people these days are not really satisfied to work for others as they would prefer to have a career which they could be proud of, like me for example!” says Goh with a smile. “SVO Group was established to create opportunities for the younger generation to be aspiring entrepreneurs. It is a training academy for those who would like to set up their own career in business. We provide sufficient training programmes that will empower everyone to succeed in the field of business they are interested in. Our training academy welcomes anyone who has no experience in starting or running a business. Besides, we also have clients who came to join us just to refine their business operations so that they could take success to another level,” shares Goh happily.

SVO Group Berhad is also a revolutionary online marketing platform that provides digital marketing knowledge for its members. It possess a co-working space that fosters a friendly working environment and uses an all-in-one mobile app system. SVO’s business module enables people to master and build their online business effectively.

Despite his young age, Goh achieved sales that exceeded RM1 million and also recruited numerous young talents to join the company. These young talents have emerged as the members of SVO Group Berhad Elite Club, a prestige club whereby achievers of high sales volumes on an annual basis are being rewarded with an array of benefits and privileges. “Despite the success we attained, the one thing that motivates me to wake up every morning and head to work would be the fact that I am assisting others to make their dreams turn to reality.”

“SVO Group was established to create opportunities for the younger generation to be aspiring entrepreneurs.”

Goh has always reminded himself to be people-oriented, as he thinks that with the right talents, the business will flourish and a great company culture helps organisations stand out to attract and retain top talents. “The company is currently taking baby steps towards the international market and with the right talents, I am more confident to explore bigger markets.” Goh also believes that spending time with family is vital but he also cherishes the time spent with his staff. “No matter how big or small their role, they are the real contributors to the success of the company, so instead of treating them as staff, I treat them as my valued partners, friends and family,” says Goh.

“SVO not only aims to be a local champion. My ultimate goal is to make SVO the innovative leading online business platform among Asian countries,” says Goh.

SVO has progressed to become a dynamic organisation with an ecosystem of online global business. With the platform which consists of comprehensive multiple resources and a broad focus of growth space for members, it enables people to achieve financial and time freedom in their career. In order to continuously carry forward SVO’s philosophy, Goh has set his eyes on the larger international markets such as Indonesia, China and Taiwan. Goh says his aim is to build and lead a goal-oriented team in order to steer SVO to become the international leader in online marketing.


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