The talent market is constantly changing with new trends emerging. In an interview with Top 10 of Malaysia, Sanjoy Ghose, ManpowerGroup Country Manager highlights several trends in the talent market, including the need of attracting and retaining talents that contribute to ESG goals, provide flexible work options and addressing IT shortages with Train and Deploy programmes. The company recently received the Top Recruitment Company in Malaysia Award at the recent Top Asia Corporate Ball

New trends are constantly on the rise in the talent market. Hence, it is important that organisations are able to keep up and adapt in order to recruit and retain top talents. “Employers need to demonstrate their social and environmental impact with a more science-based approach,” says Sanjoy Ghose. “78% of organisations have or are developing ESG goals but only 6% have the talent needed to achieve these goals. Hence, companies need to focus on attracting and retaining talent with expertise in ESG reporting and management.”

“Green collar job creation is set to accelerate in 2023. These jobs will now be defined as those that reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials, limit greenhouse gas emissions, minimise waste and pollution, protect and restore ecosystems, and enable enterprises and communities to adapt to climate change,” says the Country Manager. “At ManpowerGroup we are reacting to this trend with a particular focus on developing a “green” talent pool and delivering training that provides our clients with talents to help achieve their ESG goals.”

Sanjoy Ghose, ManpowerGroup Country Manager

The pandemic has demonstrated that a career is only one dimension of a rich and fulfilling life. “People are now seeking employers who acknowledge and actively support a healthier work-life balance. Two out of three people would consider looking for a new job if they were required to return to the office full-time. Therefore, companies would need to provide more flexibility in terms of where and when work gets done,” he says.

Sanjoy states that organisations would need to reimagine when, where and how work gets done. “The pandemic made flexible work a reality for many employees causing a paradigm shift in how people balance their work and personal lives. Some 88% of the younger generation say the pandemic has affected what they want from their job as compared to 65% of workers who are of ages 55 and above.” He also mentions that women would prefer more flexible office hours compared to fully remote work arrangements. This includes fewer days in the office. They are also more motivated than men about getting back to the office as 41% of women cite sociability or connection among their top reasons to return.

“Layoffs are happening globally in the IT sector and one of the reasons is that during the pandemic, many companies over hired without a careful analysis of talent needs,” says Sanjoy. “The demand will continue to grow for specialised skills with 76% of global companies struggling to fill vacancies for IT and tech workers.  This risk could actually be mitigated by hiring IT talent under agencies such as ours, and upscale or downscale workforce depending on market conditions.”

The perception of technology and innovation in the world of work has changed, with people recognising that it is no longer a competition between humans and automation. “Organisations are leveraging technology to rehumanise the workplace. A critical aspect of achieving this goal is to seek workers who possess soft skills that can improve communication, collaboration and connectivity between humans and technology,” says Sanjoy.  

“Workers are increasingly motivated by developing skills and experiences,” shares Sanjoy. “Our Tech Academy at ManpowerGroup addresses the trend of digital transformation by providing workers with the skills needed to thrive in a rapidly changing technological landscape. In addition to hard skills training in software development, data science and cybersecurity, we equip talent with employability and soft skills that help individuals secure jobs and build long lasting professional relationships.”

ManpowerGroup’s contract staffing solutions offer benefits such as reduced hiring costs, quick turnaround times and access to a broad pool of talent with diverse skill sets. It is important in industries where demand for certain skills fluctuates or where there is a shortage of specialised talent. Through Tech Academy, organisations can tap into a network of highly qualified candidates and fill skill gaps quickly and efficiently.



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