Dynamic Malaysian Property Management Companies – The Top 10


Malaysian property management companies play a pivotal role in the real estate landscape, offering comprehensive services to ensure the effective maintenance, operation and enhancement of residential, commercial and industrial properties. Here, Top 10 of Malaysia shares its selection of the top 10 most dynamic Malaysian project management companies (arranged in no particular order) that specialise in overseeing various aspects of property management, including facility maintenance, tenant relations, financial management and asset optimisation. With a deep understanding of local regulations and market dynamics, Malaysian property management firms cater to the diverse needs of property owners, investors and tenants alike, fostering sustainable and thriving communities while maximising the value and utility of real estate assets.


Founded in 2017 by Tan Ming Hee, Kuala Lumpur-based Airhost offers property owners a chance to reclaim their time and finances. Specialising in short-term and mid-term rentals, it ensures consistent income flow while maintaining flexibility for homeowners. Airhost provides end-to-end property management services, from interior design, and listing to handling guest interactions and property maintenance, ensuring hassle-free management. In 2019, the company expanded into project management and took on commercial-use properties in its portfolio. Today, Airhost boasts a portfolio of over 150 residential units and 5 commercial event spaces, with a total valuation of circa RM700 million. With a dedicated team of 46 employees, Airhost continues to redefine property management in Malaysia.

Tan Sri Dato’ (Dr) Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman
Tan Sri Dato’ (Dr) Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman

Rahim & Co

Rahim & Co, under the guidance of Tan Sri Dato’ (Dr) Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman, has been a stalwart in Malaysia’s real estate sector since its inception in December 1976. With a network spanning 23 offices and a workforce nearing 500 individuals, the firm offers an extensive suite of real estate services. Its distinguished reputation is further underscored by its award-winning status, a testament to its unwavering dedication to excellence. With a strong presence in multiple states across Malaysia, Rahim & Co. continues to shape the real estate landscape, earning trust and respect as a leading authority in the field.

Dr. Alaric A. Nathan
Dr. Alaric A. Nathan

Benz & Carlton

Under the leadership of Dr. Alaric A. Nathan, Benz & Carlton stands out as an exclusive boutique property management firm endorsed by the Board of Valuers, Appraisers & Estate Agents. Specialising in comprehensive building, facility and property management services, the firm caters to a diverse clientele. With a portfolio encompassing 17,000 residential and commercial units, Benz & Carlton boasts a team of highly qualified professionals versed in Building & Facilities Management. Committed to delivering top-notch service, the firm ensures unparalleled quality and dedication. Its staff undergo specialised “Management Excellence Training” covering all aspects of the industry to meet clients’ diverse needs effectively.

SCM International Property Management

SCM International Property Management, spearheaded by Raymond Cheah and Dato’ Ling Keak Ming, commenced operations in 1982, celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2022. This milestone signifies SCM’s commitment to providing comprehensive property services, ranging from Property & Facilities Management to Property Consultancy. The company prides itself on offering an extensive array of professional services, including Design Advisory, Strata Consultancy & Technical Due Diligence, Building, Energy and Security Audits, as well as Project Lifecycle Management. With a robust portfolio, SCM currently oversees more than 18,000 units across the Klang Valley and Johor Bahru, solidifying its reputation as a trusted and esteemed industry leader.

Shine Victory

Shine Victory, founded by Datuk Nesan, stands as a reputable company in property management. Since its inception in 2012, Shine Victory has grown to oversee over 5,000 property units. Operating independently in Johor Bahru, it manages various properties, including apartments and condominiums. The company’s primary objective is to deliver effective and professional management services for all types of properties, regardless of their residential, commercial, or industrial nature. Shine Victory extends its services across Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor, Penang and Sabah. As a diverse and innovative firm, Shine Victory seamlessly handles large single facilities to multi-facility operations, providing comprehensive assets and facilities management services.

EZT Group

Under the leadership of Angie Ng, EZT Group stands out as a prominent company in Malaysia’s property management industry. With a portfolio encompassing more than 1,000 properties for foreign investors, EZT Group is committed to delivering seamless, all-inclusive services. Its excellence has been recognised through various awards, cementing its position as an industry leader. EZT Group’s expansion into diverse businesses reflects its dedication to meeting client needs, particularly within the property sector. As a top Malaysia My Second Home agent licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, EZT Group serves as a trusted partner for investors. Renowned for its prowess in property development, property consultation and investments, EZT Group continues to drive innovation and success, particularly in Selangor and the Greater Kuala Lumpur region.

Eric Lim
Eric Lim


Eric Lim established Hartamas Group in 1996, and it has been a prominent award-winning company in the real estate industry ever since, aiming to provide top-tier real estate services. Originating from Estate Agency services, it has evolved to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions including Property Management, Project Marketing, Corporate Real Estate and Industrial Property services. With a workforce exceeding 400 personnel spread across 6 offices in Malaysia and international branches in Shanghai, Taiwan and Hong Kong, Hartamas prides itself on delivering holistic solutions covering all aspects of real estate. Renowned for its excellence, the group’s team specialises in offering complete project management services, catering to investors, landlords, owners and tenants alike.

Stratefied Property Management

Established in 2002, Stratefied Property Management (SPM) brings over two decades of property and facilities management expertise to the table. Aligned with the Strata Management Act 2013, SPM offers comprehensive management services for strata properties in the residential and commercial sectors within the Klang Valley. With a portfolio encompassing more than 10,000 units, SPM has become a trusted partner for property owners. SPM’s services extend to Management Corporation/Joint Management Body operations, covering tasks such as day-to-day operations, complaint management, service provider oversight, collections and recovery efforts including tribunal cases, liaison with local authorities, accounts management, standard operating procedures and administrative duties. 


Founded by Chong KG, RANGAI PMC (RPMC) was established in response to the burgeoning demand for trustworthy property management services in Melaka’s strata properties market. RPMC stands out as an award-winning entity, committed to providing seasoned expertise and reliability to property owners seeking peace of mind. Offering a suite of services tailored to meet various needs, RPMC assists clients with navigating statutory requirements, preparing for meetings, sourcing quotes for contractual services, negotiating with service providers, overseeing service providers’ activities and delivering monthly reports. With a meticulous approach and a focus on client satisfaction, RPMC sets the standard for excellence in property management in the region.

Tan Keng Heng
Tan Keng Heng

Allied Group 

Allied Group, established by Tan Keng Heng, stands as a distinguished company in the property management realm. Boasting an impressive portfolio of over 130 projects, this award-winning company operates in property management, consultancy and advisory services. Founded in 2000, Allied Group has emerged as the premier property management firm in Penang, Malaysia, garnering 19 years of industry experience. Through tailored management solutions encompassing maintenance, financial management and legal compliance, it meticulously manages every facet of property management with precise attention. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, it optimises property performance, underpinning its stellar reputation. With two offices strategically located across Malaysia, Allied Group continues to redefine excellence in property management.