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Known as ‘The Mother of Unit Trust’, Dr Niki Shuhada Shukor has created icons in the financial services industry in the past 2 decades. In a conversation with Top 10 of Malaysia, Dr Niki, Founder and CEO of Life Success Resources, highlights her top consultants, her company’s offerings and what keeps her motivated.

Born in Penang, raised in Perak, Dr Niki furthered her studies in Australia. “I came back and was job-hunting when I noticed an opportunity to fly with Malaysia Airlines,” she explains. Soon after, she got married and accompanied her husband to London. Nevertheless, what spawned her interest in financial planning is unforgettable. “1992, in London, I saw good people sleeping on the streets as a result of losing their houses due to high interest rates. In winter, many died overnight due to extreme temperatures. It was so impactful that I made a silent decision to help people,” she adds.

As friends noticed the shift from their spendthrift ways to accumulating assets upon returning, friends requested for tutorials for a fee. “Realising my passion in financial planning, a friend then suggested I join a financial institution marketing unit trust, and I did. I attended trainings, got licensed and became top in sales that year,” she elaborates.

To date, Dr Niki has garnered over 180 awards as she creates icons in the industry. “Our consultants are now inspiring other financial planners,” she adds. “Financial Planning has three important parts which are Create, Protect and Preserve,” her husband, Hj Amirul shares. Also a Syariah Registered Financial Planner, he is the company’s Managing Partner. “I continuously work on elevating the perception of the profession and it’s currently the third sought-after profession by Malaysian graduates,” says Dr Niki. Her show on Bernama Radio ‘Bijak Wang Bersama Dr Niki’ has seen her introduce the concept of financial planning to Malaysians.

“Our consultants are fully supported, trained and given the right system to follow,” she shares. The firm’s top financial consultants currently are Hj Amirul Shukri Bin Kadri, Hanita Binti Nulit, Kan Fong Wah, Syuhaidah Ahmad, Razeha Binti Koderi, Rose Iznan Riza Binti Mohd Tohit, Maimunah Baharum, Rozyta Binti Wahid, Nurzailis Binti Kassim, Asniza Binti Che Rose, Noor Shazlina Binti Sayuti and Idzral Izani Bin Jilani. Dr Niki heads Life Success Resources, a training company with a proven system to empower and nurture a mind-set for success, not limited to financial consultants. “I train teams and individuals from various backgrounds to excel personally and professionally,” Dr Niki explains.

To date, clients include financial institutions, banks and organizations and Dr Niki also does personal mentoring. “I help them meet goals and be the best version of themselves,” she says. When asked what motivates her, Dr Niki’s response is heartwarming. “After twenty years, I still love winning as I enjoy making people go ‘wow’. In Malaysia Airlines, I liked ‘wow-ing’ passengers and seeing their smiles when I go the extra mile. I’m inspired by adding value to others,” she shares.

On balancing her life, Dr Niki keeps a diary to allocate time for eight areas taught in her trainings, which are health, career, family, finances, self-development, societal contribution, spirituality and happiness. ”Your time is your life. Things focused on expand so no matter how busy, I arrange lunch with my husband three times a week and personal time with my children and helpers. Creating champions is a lifestyle relating to how efficiently we spend our time. We want self-fulfillment in everything we do, so scheduling is important,” Dr Niki elaborates.

Her advices for youths include setting aside money on a monthly basis and accumulating assets in time. For the business-inclined, she shares the ‘compound effect’. “Things done repeatedly well, or otherwise, will show up in future. Polishing your skills by attending trainings helps to achieve success and maintain progress. It’s no use being talented but unmotivated. Some people I take in are probably considered a ‘lost cause’ but can be motivated to excel, hence my tagline ‘Creating Champions’,” she shares. Undoubtedly, Dr Niki’s inspiring attitude and mind-set will inevitably lead to more success.

For more tips, Dr. Niki suggests visiting her website at, her Facebook account at Dr Niki Shuhada Shukor or Instagram accounts at @drnikishuhada or @drnikitraining.


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