CEO’s Message


As Chairman of the Top 10 of Malaysia, I would like to invite you for a moment to our initiative to honour the Crème de la Crème of the country. The Top 10 of Malaysia was founded on the company’s vision that sought to acknowledge the very best that Malaysia has to offer. It brings to light great individuals, who set the precedent in their respective fields in hopes that they become pillars of inspiration to the rest, especially the future generation who will perceive this as an impetus to strive for success, and pursue new opportunities. Unlike any other publications ever seen before in the country, the Top 10 of Malaysia distinguishes itself by featuring the famous as well as the relatively unknown towering individuals and trail-blazing companies. Employing research methodologies of the highest standards, the Top 10 of Malaysia will identify these individuals and companies and provide them with all due recognition.”

Dato’ R. Rajendran