Celebrating a Year of Innovation and Growth – The Success of Affluxury Berhad


A dynamic company dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs through strategic investments, innovative ventures, and expert consultancy services, Affluxury Berhad stands at the forefront of fostering business growth and capital leveraging. In an exclusive interview with Top 10 of Malaysia, its founder KL Lim elaborates on the company’s unwavering commitment to providing customised solutions that drive success in the entrepreneurial landscape, leveraging its expertise in capital mechanisms to launch and support businesses.

KL Lim founder of Affluxury Berhad (second from left) strike a freestyle pose with Dato Sri Ng Chuan Hoo, Dr Wong Jeh Shyan and Datuk Michael Kang
Dato Sri Ng Chuan Hoo, KL Lim, Dr Wong Jeh Shyan and Datuk Michael Kang

As Affluxury Berhad marks its one-year anniversary, KL Lim reflects on the journey that brought it to this milestone. “With the participation of around thirty members known as the angels group, we celebrate the achievements of the past year,” says KL Lim. Despite humble beginnings, the company has gathered a total shareholding exceeding RM5.8 million, showcasing remarkable growth. “Affluxury distinguishes itself through its innovative approach to reinvesting costs and fees, channelling them back into the company, rewarding contributors with shares proportional to their contributions. A portion of funds are retained as capital for investments.”

“After joining the angels group, members progress to the co-founder round, gaining access to vital resources and expertise,” KL Lim enthusiastically explains. “By covering the course fees and engaging with Affluxury’s unique capital mechanisms, participants become crucial stakeholders in the company’s initiatives. Affluxury’s mission is clear – to equip entrepreneurs and professionals with essential capital knowledge, technique and strategies for effective capital leverage. Affluxury emphasises the power of capital mechanisms refined over centuries. Through mentorship and practical guidance, participants gain the confidence and precision to navigate business complexities, from restructuring to initial public offering (IPO). Affluxury doesn’t just invest; it incubates and elevates.”

“Initially, I aimed to gather 199 entrepreneurs, but time constraints made this goal unfeasible after the first 30. I adjusted my focus to assembling around 78 to 80 individuals, aligning with our aim of incubating 20 IPOs within five years—a challenging yet achievable key performance indicator (KPI). Progress is evident, with five IPOs secured in the first year,” says KL Lim. “With new joiners, I anticipate our company’s valuation to reach approximately RM17.5 million by next year, while my share value could surpass RM20 million or more as part of our second-year strategy.”

Affluxury’s innovative ventures include Versatile Maxim, an investment platform allowing tailored strategies, and Mega Star Arena, focusing on concerts. Expanding further, it has ventured into the 101 club exclusive for members only and an edge-cutting LED advertising panel, created to revolutionise traditional advertising methods with its creative and interactive approach. KL Lim explains, “Our edge-cutting LED panels allow users to upload custom messages or images to be displayed prominently in Kuala Lumpur’s bustling city centre. Launching next month, it offers both automated and personalised options, disrupting the market.”

The 101 Club provides an exclusive culinary experience curated by a renowned omakase chef for its 50 members. Alongside uniquely exceptional cuisine and beverages, membership offers partnership and shareholding opportunities, with a unique 10% discount. Its uniqueness is to enable membership fees to be invested and converted into shares, fostering confidence and trust among members. Members of 101 club can have the right to invest into businesses incubated by Affluxury Berhad.

“After the Chinese New Year, we’re launching Elocta Berhad, operating as JogoHealth, a major advancement in healthcare expansion. With three outlets in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Teluk Intan, JogoHealth aims to provide essential treatment for various neurological conditions,” KL Lim announces. “Affluxury has facilitated strategic fundraising through a special purpose vehicle (SPV). JogoHealth offers treatments for stroke, Parkinson’s disease, autism, neurological disorders and injuries, including chiropractic care. We’re revolutionising access to care, especially for the B40 communities, with reimbursement options such as Socso, zakat, and insurance. Recognising mobility challenges for stroke patients, we’re developing a mobile van to bring rehabilitation directly to them.”

The reach of Affluxury extends far beyond its origins, with KL Lim’s ventures into international territories proving fruitful. “A myriad of nations such as Vietnam, Japan, Poland, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand are eager to replicate Affluxury’s success through the establishment of their own angel groups,” he says.

Affluxury initiated a new venture in partnership with Viva Star, headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City. “With over 300 established outlets, it has set its sights on international expansion. Together, we established a SPV in Singapore for the cafe business, expanding across five nations – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The strategic plan involves setting up outlets in each country, with a varied allocation based on market potential.  Ultimately, the project aims to conclude with a Reverse Takeover from Vietnam.”

Affluxury Berhad

“With extensive expertise in capital mechanisms, we’re ready for numerous upcoming projects,” says KL Lim, boasting 27 years of legal practice and a robust investment portfolio. “Capital knowledge enables businesses to tailor strategies, be it through pursuing IPOs or collaborative ventures. Recognising capital’s transformative power, I’ve seen it transform entrepreneurs to conglomerate status, benefiting stakeholders and empowering employees as shareholders. By democratising ownership and incentivising performance through shared dividends and equity, every individual is motivated to contribute their best.”

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