Prestige Media Studios Sdn. Bhd is Malaysia’s trusted corporate photography expert services company that only delivers the best services to its clients.

Datuk Suffian Hj Othman, the Chief Executive Officer of the company is always keen to share and unravel the secret of the company’s success. Ten years ago, Datuk Suffian was offered RM1 million by a company that was interested in taking over his company. However, he rejected the lucrative offer and was determined to continue running the company which he established in 2002. 

He realised that he had made the right decision as his company is now the number one choice for government agencies and higher education institutions throughout the country. These agencies and institutions are regular clients that seek Prestige Media Studio’s photography services whenever events are organised. The company also became the first local photography company to receive an offer to provide its services to Oxford University, United Kingdom. Datuk Suffian is also proud to share that his company has own its official office building known as Wisma Suffian Hj Othman. 

Datuk Suffian Hj Othman, CEO of Prestige Media Studios

Datuk Suffian’s business idea involving photography stemmed from his passion and interest in the field. He also discovered various opportunities to earn a good income in photography. “I am a graduate of urban and regional planning. I have experience working as a researcher and urban planning officer in an architectural company after graduating in the year 2000,” he says. 

“I opened the first outlet in Seri Kembangan, Selangor in 2002, which is still operating today,” he shares. Despite his success, Datuk Suffian faced  challenges but he never gave up on his business. He also emphasises that Prestige Media Studios uses high technology for its services, especially in corporate photo printing such as lab printing process. “The process is called silver halide printing. Photo images are sharper, more vibrant in colour and have better flesh tone reproduction,” says Datuk Suffian.

“In addition, the company is always innovative and comes up with new ideas. For example, Prestige Media Studios introduced the pro match impose technique which is very useful in photography technology,” he adds, “During the pandemic, we introduced pro match impose and it is much different from the usual application for better visuals, especially involving non-face-to-face ceremonies.”

New inventions are always produced by the company, this includes the latest printing of photos on custom plaques that are in high demand. Prestige Media presented a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminium sheets. People have never seen more brilliant and impressive prints, vibrant works of art with ultra-high definition colours and a unique luminescence appearance,” he says.

Despite the company’s success, important individuals who have played a role in it are not forgotten. “I am grateful that my wife, Datin Nor Fadlina and my mother, Hajjah Hasnah have always been my backbone. I am also thankful to my brother-in-law, Muhamad Ali, who is the managing director; my two siblings, Fairuz Amee and Izyanee and all my trusted staff,” says Datuk Suffian, who also starred in the drama series Mahligai Gading and Kolej with famous Indonesian actresses, Anjasmara and Dina Lorenza. 

“Recently, the company received the Top Asia Corporate Ball’s Brand Of The Year – Malaysia’s Best Brand for Photography Services award and the accomplished success inspired me to work harder to improve our company’s performance and quality of service.” The company also received numerous other awards over the years. 

“The company will collaborate with clients in Indonesia and Thailand from 2023 to 2025. The offer was accepted not to compete with any party but to prove that there are no boundaries in the field of photography,” says Datuk Suffian.


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