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Running for the second year, the Miss Malaysia Noble Queen International Pageant 2016 has recently concluded to the satisfaction of organizer Jan Sit. A former pageant contestant herself, Jan Sit believes in lifetime dedication to the promotion of true beauty – that which emanates from a core of kindness, passion and courage to overcome challenges. She has been coaching young ladies since 2002 in healthy self-image, grooming and catwalk.  With Noble Queen, Jan Sit tells Top 10 of Malaysia that her goal to broadcast the message of true beauty and making a difference has taken on another dimension.

We can still achieve great things if we start planning for them NOW. A positive attitude is all important!

What qualities does one need to have to be a pageant organizer?
One needs to have passion and perseverance. Passion enables us to overcome obstacles, and to see the worlds as a place of infinite potential. True commitment also equips us with a never-say-die attitude and prevents us from giving up. I am also blessed with a good team and friends who support me through this event!

Who do you emulate or draw lessons from as you organize the pageant?
Tyra Banks is my role model. Look at her, she is 42 years old already but still glamorous!   Not only because she is beautiful but she is always positive and passionate about teaching young models on how to become a great model, to be confidently beautiful, talented, have vision, and have a successful career.

How does the Noble Queen pageant stand out from other pageants?
The objective of Miss Malaysia Noble Queen International Pageant is to promote qualities such as courage and the spirit to contribute towards a better world. It goes beyond being beautiful, fashionable, and prestigious. It is a unique beauty pageant to provide opportunities to all participants to become a better person with the confidence to stand on an international platform.

What I want to achieve is to produce a really competitive beauty pageant so I looked for candidates who feel that they have something special to show the world and doesn’t flinch from challenges, and look forward to compete on the international stage. So I scouted for contestants with talents, ambitions, communication skills and a loving heart.

The top 5 winners of Malaysia will directly qualify for Asia Noble Queen International in October in Kuala Lumpur. They will be competing with contestants from Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Thailand and the Philippines. The champion will be going for the Hollywood Queen Pageant at the end of this year at Hilton Universal Studio in Hollywood, California, USA with delegates from 58 other countries. So the Noble Queen pageant also gives an opportunity for the winner to be a film star!

What did you do before landing yourself as a pageant organizer?
My background is in modelling and fashion designing. After finishing as runner-up in Miss Chinatown pageant, I started an image grooming center for women, but my passion mainly lies in coaching women to discover self-confidence.

I applied what I taught to myself and entered the Mrs Malaysia and Mrs Southeast Asia in 2011 and 2012 competition respectively. You see, I want to send the message that when one is confident, one’s beauty goes beyond age, beyond skin.

I also have a background in catwalk choreography and have worked at pageants such as Miss Selangor Malaysia Kebaya 2011, Miss South East Asia 2012 and Mrs Malaysia International world 2011 and 2013.

What keeps you inspired?
Although we can neither change the past nor control what people do, we are not out and done with! We can still achieve great things if we start planning for them NOW. A positive attitude is all important!


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