Automobile owners frequently spend their travelling time in their vehicles and so, it is important for a vehicle to smell fresh and inviting at all times. Eddie Ng, founder of Vanzo Asia Sdn Bhd shares with Top 10 of Malaysia on the car air fresheners produced by his company which emits soothing and alluring scents thus transforming a vehicle into a comfortable place with the scents of aromatherapy. The creative entrepreneur also shares on what inspired him to pursue his interest and turn it into a career that became successful with products well sought-after.  

A native from the southern metropolis of the Malaysian Peninsula, Johor Bahru, Eddie Ng grew up in a family of five. Before establishing Vanzo Asia Sdn Bhd, the enterprising entrepreneur has a plethora of job experiences before he discovered his true passion and interest in car air fresheners. “I realised that although they are many companies that manufacture and sell air fresheners for cars in Malaysia, the quality isn’t top notch as the scent being released by the products might be hazardous to our health in a long run,” shares Ng. “Malaysians are getting more health conscious and their ultimate focus is on getting a good product that would smell great and isn’t hazardous to our health.”

“I would advise the young people who are just starting out in their business careers to persevere and don’t expect quick fixes and shortcuts to success.”

The company produces car air fresheners that combine two important qualities, an undeniably fresh and soothing fragrance made from ingredients which are safe for inhaling. “We collaborated with the Japanese brand Ogawa and Taiyo and formulated products which are 100% free from formaldehyde, toluene and benzene,” says Ng. Vanzo Asia’s products has also earned the Certificate of Approval and Material Safety Data Sheet. “Our products consist of aromatherapy subtle fragrances such as English Pear and Freesia. These scents and exterior designs are exclusively for ladies,” shares Ng whose company has achieved success in sales within just a short period of time.

“Being a Malaysian and having a career in producing car air fresheners, I ensure every ingredient used in creating the products is the best so people would recognize our brand as a Malaysian brand,” says the patriotic, award-winning entrepreneur.

“We are also currently working with Grab and providing their premium fleet with our products,” beams Ng as he adds on. The company’s brand, Vanzo Air Freshener, was chosen to be promoted out of another five brands. “Besides, we are also collaborating with Shine Shine Car Wash and to further promote our products,” says Ng. “Vanzo Asia also has branches in Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan as we have dealers selling our products there.”

“Success only comes to those who are brave and who work hard.”

When asked on the challenges and obstacles he faces while running the business, Ng confidently replies, “The world is changing rapidly and so is the market. We have to bear that in mind and keep up with the change. In fact, we have to act fast in order to become an industry leader,” advises Ng who also credited his subordinates for the success garnered by the company. “When there is an issue, I will make sure that it is resolved. I can be the toughest boss to work with but also the friendliest pal during non-working hours,” laughs Ng as he shares on his work management style.

“I honestly don’t think I have created or done anything great but the Malaysian in me yearns to accomplish something which could make the country proud,” says Ng who is also generous in giving advice to young aspiring entrepreneurs. “I would advise the young people who are just starting out in their business careers to persevere and don’t expect quick fixes and shortcuts to success. Success only comes to those who are brave and who work h


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